Alain Delon’s Children Declare War On Each Other?! Serious Conflict Over Inheritance!

MOVIE NEWS – Last summer, the three heirs, Anthony, Anouchka, and Alain-Fabien, joined forces against Hiromi Rollin, who was suspected of abusing the star’s weakness. By now, the knives are all out…



The “holy alliance” lasted only six months… The Delon siblings were torn apart. Anger and mistrust are now tearing the clan apart, as the eldest Anthony revealed this week in the columns of Paris Match. He accuses his sister Anouchka of lies, manipulation and complicity regarding their father’s health after he suffered a stroke. Those? He is said to have deliberately concealed from her and his brother Alain-Fabien the abysmal results of several cognitive tests conducted in Switzerland. The star could never pass these. Anthony had only recently discovered them following the indiscretion of a doctor who thought he knew about them…

It was a shock for the actor’s eldest son, especially since he had to fight to get Anouchka to join his complaint against the actor’s “mistress”, Hiromi Rollin.

“For more than nine months, my sister prevented me from intervening, and now I understand why,” he explains to Paris Match. From a moral point of view, this is despicable. So he decided to file a complaint against her own sister, who he says can “do anything”. As for the tests, they are now in the possession of the Orléans research team. “The gendarmes ask quite a few questions,” says Anthony. “I think they are also trying to understand Anouchka’s motives.”

After Hiromi, the Delon girl is now at the centre of the confusion… By choosing Paris Match to expose the case, the eldest son of the clan shows that he intends to stick to his position: his legal actions may only be the first steps in a process that, as a result of which his father may be placed under guardianship to prevent further abuse of the weakness.

According to Anthony, his father is in a bad state; maybe he celebrated his last Christmas… “He’s not well, he’s completely confused. He’s not well, he’s weakened, he’s fed up. He also feels the tension around him, and I think it hurts him.”

Secluded in the company of Alain-Fabien on his estate in Douchy, he speaks little, his voice is difficult to hear, and his mood often changes…


Alain Delon’s beloved daughter


Anouchka wants to bring her father to Switzerland, where she herself lives. But Anthony is against this. Just as against Alain Delon, who loves his house in Douchy, as against his sister, whom he does not trust. “She wants to move him back to Geneva at all costs because it suits her! The problem is that he’s overexposed to her, and it’s hard for him to say no.” Anthony and Anouchka were never close, and Alain Delon always preferred his daughter. He made this clear several times.

She was the one who accompanied him to Cannes to receive the Palme d’Or in 2019; she is the employee of his company, and she is the one who was appointed as the executor of his will… And the introduction of a possible trusteeship could further poison the family relationships.

It’s the worst-case scenario for Alain Delon, who wanted to avoid a war over his legacy at all costs. “I don’t want my children to be torn apart like the Hallyday family,” he explained at the Gala published in May 2019. “I’m currently preparing everything. They can’t be surprised. Everything will be arranged before my death, whether I like it or not. If I didn’t, there would be heartache and war between them, I’m sure of that.”

For the time being, Anthony wishes to honour the terms of his will. “He did what he thought was right, and I will be transparent when the time is right.” But he regrets not being able to form a unified clan. “Family happiness is about togetherness, love, trust and empathy. Unfortunately, he was unable to bring his family together.”

Source: Paris Match

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