Big News And Trailer For GreedFall 2, The Upcoming Pirate Fantasy RPG! [VIDEO]

At the recent Nacon Connect, it was announced that GreedFall 2: The Dying World will debut on Steam in Early Access in the summer of 2024.



One of the games that surprised gamers the most in 2019 was GreedFall. It is an action RPG that captivated the community with its 17th-century baroque setting and game mechanics such as combat, exploration, and diplomacy. However, yesterday, we received relevant information about its continuation. GreedFall 2: The Dying World reveals the new location and, best of all, the date in a new trailer.

The release date for GreedFall 2: The Dying World was announced at Nacon Connect 2024: the fantasy RPG will first arrive on Steam in early access next summer in 2024.

This allows the project developers, Spiders, to develop the role-playing game gradually. As well as receiving community input for the development of new functions. The work will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as soon as everything is ready.

The sequel to GreedFall takes place three years after the first Spiders title. The protagonist is a Teer Fradee native who is taken to Gacana against his will. To a place defined as the Old Continent. The discovered world is plagued by war and the Malichor epidemic. In order to survive and develop, we will have to collect allies who will help us in the fight. And if that doesn’t work, then choose diplomacy or manipulation.


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The new locations we will visit are Olima and Uxantis. The latter is home to various factions, while the former is referred to as the “star city” of the Bridge Alliance.

As in the first game, here, too, we will be able to create our own character, who will have the opportunity to team up with allies and even control them in battle.

The alliance system will be critical to our adventure. Moreover, we will even have to help other characters who will give us missions. We will be able to turn them into lovers or enemies. “It will be up to you through diplomacy, wits, combat, and the help of various allies to put an end to humanity’s conquests, which, if left unchecked, could mean the end of the continent and your islands.” Nacon Games promises that decisions in the RPG will have a lot of weight. In terms of gameplay, we can expect tactical battles, where players will have more options than in the previous work.

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