Resident Evil 5 Remake: Capcom Hints At It On Steam!

Capcom is repeating history if we take a closer look at what it has done so far on Valve’s digital platform.


The Resident Evil franchise is once again in good shape, with the Resident Evil 4 Remake having sold 6.48 million copies by December 31, 2023, making it the fastest-selling title in the IP, but in a growing gaming industry, that’s not saying much. Not only is Capcom trying to keep the franchise alive with new titles (Resident Evil 9 is in the works, no doubt), but it’s also trying to keep the audience on its toes with remakes.

A change (we couldn’t find it) to SteamDB has surfaced on Twitter, showing that one of the Resident Evil 5 data packs in the Steam database received three updates a few days before the release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake Gold Edition. The changes removed the name, release date, and base game of Resident Evil 5 from the package. Since this is the first time in three years that Capcom has reached out, some sort of announcement may be in the works. If a Resident Evil 5 Remake is indeed coming, it could be released in 2026, the 30th anniversary of the franchise.

The end of the Separate Ways DLC for Resident Evil 4 Remake already hinted at the existence of this project (it even features Albert Wesker; he’s the main villain of the fifth installment), but if we see a modification of what the Japanese company did for the fourth installment on Steam, we can be optimistic. The Resident Evil 4 Remake is called Resident Evil 4 on Steam, and Capcom distinguishes it from the original by calling it Resident Evil 4 (2005). If the original title of the fifth installment is changed to Resident Evil 5 (2009), then it is guaranteed that Chris and Sheva’s story will also be remade on the RE neXt (REX) Engine.

It would also make sense to remaster the first part (the HD remaster was made from the GameCube version, which is now out of the running), or perhaps to update Code Veronica.

Source: GameRant

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