Was This Bethesda Guru Todd Howard’s Only Condition For The Fallout TV Series Creators?!

MOVIE NEWS – “If we adapted one specific game, it would not have actually been truthful,” said co-director Geneva Robertson-Dworet and producer Lisa Joy regarding Todd Howard’s request.



There are only a few weeks left for fans of Todd Howard’s Bethesda games to prepare for the premiere of the most anticipated production. The Fallout TV series debuts on Prime Video on April 11. We already know a lot of details. Recently, Prime Video’s Fallout opened a debate among gamers. Because the servo-armored helmet has a visor. There are plenty of such details, but what happened during the making of the series is also very interesting.

According to Gamesradar, Todd Howard, the director of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, was so involved in the development of the series that he set the standard for the team to make it happen.

It turns out that Starfield’s director only demanded that the Prime Video series not contradict the main endings in the Fallout video games.

The series takes place years after the events seen in the post-apocalyptic RPG. In addition, we will see another location. Producer Lisa Joy explains the reasons behind the decision. “We felt like that would be the best thing to honor the gamer’s experiences, and the most truthful. If we adapted one specific game, it would not have actually been truthful because it’s an open world game and everyone’s experience is different” – said for SFX magazine.



MOZI HÍREK - A Fallout TV sorozat trailerére adott reakciók azt bizonyítják, hogy a rajongók optimisták, hogy a Prime Video adaptációja a franchise esztétikájánál többet is meg tud ragadni... Todd Howard



What does Todd Howard have planned after the debut of the series?


She also says that “had we taken any of the setups of any of the games and just done it ‘straightforwardly’, a lot of gamers would be like, ‘That’s not the order that I played it in.’ We recently reported that Todd Howard has ideas for the next RPG in the series. Some of them are already in the series. He went so far as to say, “Don’t do this because we’re going to do it in Fallout 5.” The producer of the Fallout series also spoke about the story, saying that it is “almost like Fallout 5”.

Source: Gamesradar

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