Dune: Awakening: Important Feature Could Be Missing From The Game?!

Dune: Awakening developer Funcom has explained why the game will be missing an essential feature fans know from the movies and books at launch.



Developer Funcom has stated that Dune: Awakening will not include sandworm riding at launch. However, it will be added as part of a future update. Although the game still doesn’t have a release date, its recent reveal has generated a lot of excitement among fans.

In early March, Funcom unveiled Dune: Awakening, revealing details about base building, combat, and the Arrakis setting.

As most people probably expected, sandworms will be quite heavily present in the game. Many people were probably hoping that the game would include sandworm riding. But Funcom recently confirmed that it won’t be included at launch. Now, the developer has given the reason for the initial lack of the feature.

As reported by TheGamer, Funcom was instructed by Legendary Pictures not to feature Fremen culture too much in the game. Because Dune: Awakening was initially supposed to be released before the debut of Dune: Part Two. In case some fans don’t know, the Fremen feature is much more prominent in the second film, while they remain a bit of a mystery in the first. It seems that Legendary Pictures wanted to save the most exciting aspects of the Fremen for the film. For example, sandworm riding. This plan didn’t work out, as the game’s release date was pushed well after the movie.

Funcom has confirmed that a post-launch update will feature sandworm riding and other Fremen-related new features.



Dune: Awakening



What can we expect in Dune: Awakening?


Players can participate in specific Fremen exercises at launch. For example, they can take the “water” of their fallen enemies to stay hydrated. Hydration plays a vital role in the game’s survival gameplay. Because the brutal heat of Arrakis encourages users to stay in the shade during the day and travel at night. In addition to the previously mentioned method, users can also collect water from dew fields or plants to prevent dehydration.

Funcom has shared many more details about Dune: Awakening’s sandworms. Giant beasts are a constant threat and exist on multiple levels.

The deep desert has the deadliest sandworms, though all sandworms are serious threats that should be avoided rather than defeated.

Based on the trailer, chasing the sandworm courtesy of Unreal Engine 5 will likely give players a few gut-wrenching moments. Funcom’s Joel Bylos said the studio chose Unreal Engine 5 for its graphical fidelity and flexibility, which even cinematographer Greg Fraser used to design some of the film’s more complex scenes.

Source: TheGamer

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