MLB The Show 24 – The Show Must Go On?

REVIEW – MLB The Show 24, created by SIE San Diego Studio, is like a championship-hungry team that is not content with past successes, but strives to reach the top again each season. This long-dominant sports game series is now in its fourth season on newer generation consoles, and its goal remains the same: to stay among the best.


Of course, it’s not a ground-breaking new version of MLB The Show 24, it’s more about meticulous tweaks and taking fan feedback into account. All the while, it’s becoming more and more a digital keeper of baseball history. Building on the series’ past successes and adding the current innovations, MLB The Show 24 promises to be a promising new chapter in the life of the franchise.



Where every shot counts


MLB The Show 24 has made no secret of the fact that it made very few changes to the batting game before the launch. Still, the batting remained an immersive experience. It brings dynamic and immediate feedback to life, and offers a balance that rewards offensive play while rarely feeling unfair on defense.

Innovation focuses on the details. The two-way system introduced last year – with the use of designated clubs – has brought a real authenticity to the game that makes it feel like a real simulation.

This year, the focus is on defence, with the mechanism of “Impact Plays”. This feature will increase the chances of playing a decisive role in the game. This could be a reckless dive for the ball or pulling a runner off the base. It should be added, however, that some of these may just seem like new, site-specific QTE play elements. In other games, these QTEs have often become the butt of jokes, or at least obsolete.

Some people will raise an eyebrow at these innovations, but let’s stress: we finally have more control over the most important moments in the game. We’re no longer at the mercy of pre-set scenes; now we can decide which way the scales tip. This gives us the power to shape the outcome of matches, which not only makes the gameplay more exciting, but also introduces a new level of skill and strategic thinking.

The strength and type of throws have also been refined. The “sinker”, which is a special type of downward curving pitch in baseball, may have been too strong in the past. The developers have reduced its effectiveness, which may seem like a small change, but is actually a significant step towards keeping the game balanced. With this change, the developers are making sure that no one pitch or style of play is too powerful or dominant, so that the game remains fair and enjoyable for everyone.



Updated graphics


While the series initially focused more on gameplay and modes and the developers didn’t bother with graphical innovation on the next-generation consoles, MLB The Show 24 now really takes the visual experience to a new level. The focus is on the subtleties, where even small changes can make a significant difference.

Among the most striking innovations are the many new animations that bring the players’ defensive reactions to life. For example, when an outfield player rushes after the ball at the last moment to stop a runner from advancing – these moments now appear much more realistic than before.

Digital facial restoration and sophisticated lighting effects combine to give players a realistic look that adds unprecedented depth to the game’s visuals.

The hair, the jerseys, the facial expressions, the condition of the fields, the light show at different times of the day and the enthusiastic crowds – these familiar yet compelling elements continue to contribute to the player’s total immersion in the baseball experience provided by MLB The Show 24.



The past meets the present in baseball


A year ago, Storylines brought a whole new color to the rich gameplay of The Show, with a loving message for baseball while recalling the history of the legendary seven-team Negro Leagues of the 1920s. This year, Storylines: The Negro Leagues Season 2 continues the journey begun, with even more player-centric stories that not only take you back in time, but also offer valuable history lessons.

Highlights include the story of Toni Stone, who pioneered the first woman to play professional baseball, and Derek Jeter’s legendary career from the top to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. This mode employs every tool available to educate players, along with real film clips to make the storytelling even more lifelike.

Perhaps the only disappointment is that the stories presented in last year’s edition were not included in this year’s version. Collecting the defining chapters of baseball history in one place, even if only in the form of embedded videos available through the menus, would have enriched the gaming experience.

The Road to the Show, an immersive single-player experience, now includes the MLB Draft Combine, adding new mini-games to the game and expanding the options available to players to shape their character’s career.

Road to the Show: Women adds a unique storyline that not only brings a new perspective to the world of baseball, but also harmoniously blends the familiar elements of the game to create a magical experience.

The character creation system deserves a special mention, as it offers a wide range of options, giving players almost unlimited control over the creation of their character.

Diamond Dynasty adds fresh features, improving some previously criticised elements. The sets and seasons introduced last year did not live up to expectations, and for many players they became tedious, as quickly acquiring and reusing the best clubs quickly became tedious in the long run. This year, however, they have abolished the stockpiles and made the seasons longer again, with the cards from the previous season no longer being usable in tournaments, bringing balance to the game.

The other game modes will keep their usual format. The stadium building section continues to stand out from the rest, offering the possibility to design anything from simple to complex. The franchise mode and online co-operative play mode, with new ranked ladders, are still present, while Home Run Derby, playoffs, exhibitions, retro mode and other options enrich the game.

On the technical front, everything is working as expected, and crossplay and cross-progression are a big advantage as the game tries to bring as many new and returning players into the world of baseball as possible.



Why MLB The Show 24 is a stand-out?


MLB The Show series has blazed a unique trail over the years, making bold moves to stand out from the sea of sports games. MLB The Show series is significantly different from other sports games, and that difference is likely to remain. This new episode is a perfect example of that fundamental difference. The game’s enjoyment is definitely enhanced by improved graphics and refined defensive options.

The uniqueness of MLB The Show 24 is that it pays homage to baseball history by introducing players to the sport’s past, without relying on contrived stories that are calculated, tidal, or overly emotional. It’s this striving for authenticity and thoughtfulness that sets it apart from other parts and other sports games.

Players can really feel when there’s real commitment behind a game, and in the case of MLB The Show 24, it’s clear. This episode is deservedly at the forefront of the series and sets a good example for annual sports game updates.
The PS5 and Xbox codes for the game were provided by Sony Hungary.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-


+ Still an unparalleled baseball simulation
+ Improved graphics
+ Parts of sports history


– Gameplay changes may seem too fine-tuned for some players
– Some story elements from last year’s edition are missing
– Changes to Diamond Dynasty mode may be initially confusing for returning players

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: San Diego Studio

Style: Sports

Release: March 15, 2024.

MLB The Show 24

Gameplay - 8.1
Graphics - 8.5
Campaign - 8.2
Music/Audio - 8.2
Ambience - 8.2



MLB The Show 24 is further proof that the series is at the forefront of sports games, with refined gameplay, better graphics and an in-depth look at the history of baseball. Most elements of the game were made with passion and care, and you can feel it in every swing and pitch. MLB The Show 24 is not only a must-have for fans of the series, but is also recommended for sports game enthusiasts who love baseball or have an interest in the sport.

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