Sony May Be Secretly Developing A New Handheld Console?!

TECH NEWS – A newly published patent from Sony seems to support recent rumours and speculation about a new PlayStation handheld system in development.



A newly published patent may support rumors and speculation about a new PlayStation handheld in development from Sony. Unlike PlayStation Portal, the latest patent refers to predecessors like PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable and PSP Go.

In February, tech YouTuber and insider Moore’s Law is Dead posted a video claiming Sony was working on a new handheld gaming device.

According to the video, Sony has already hired AMD to produce the new handheld system. But production is said to be still in a very early stage. Rumour has it that the handheld will be able to run PS4 games and select PS5 games via a patch. So, working similarly to Valve’s Seam Deck. Of course, it is possible that the new handheld will not actually be released. However, a new patent suggests that Sony continues with the plans outlined in the Moore’s Law is Dead video.

Sony’s new patent aims to simplify the process of switching from playing a game on a mobile device to playing on a console. One key element of this is cloud-based gaming, which is not currently supported on PlayStation Portal. The patent notes that players enjoy traditional game tools in the case of Sony’s previous handheld consoles, such as the PSP. However, the handheld/mobile gaming experience is not quite the same as home console gaming due to lower graphical fidelity and less dynamic controls.

To solve this problem for gamers, the patent shows Sony’s new handheld is capable of using cloud-based gaming features with better inputs and response times.



Sony PlayStation



A recent Sony patent shows off new handheld and cloud gaming features


The patent does not appear to be related to the PlayStation Remote Play app. Because it doesn’t support cloud-based gaming either. Moreover, the handheld and its internal processes are capable of “real-time dynamic correction” during gameplay. As well as for streaming recordings to “spectator devices”. A server and its bandwidth are responsible for streaming and transmission processes.

The patent drawings show how processes are coordinated between the device and the server and also depict the device’s CPU, memory, GPU, and other components.

The patent does not elaborate on the use of native PS4 and PS5 titles. However, thanks to the supported cloud gaming features, the game can be much more responsive and enjoyable on the new device compared to the PlayStation Portal. If rumours are to be believed, the development of the new device will not affect future PlayStation home consoles such as the PS6. So, traditional home console gaming fans can count on it in the future. In addition, rumours and leaked information suggest that the PS5 Pro will be released in late 2024.


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