Dragon’s Dogma 2 – A Dogmatic Sequel with the Dragon Spirit Still Burning Bright!

REVIEW – After years of impassioned pleas from fans of the original Dragon’s Dogma, a game that left a lasting impression, Capcom has finally delivered something for both camps clamoring for a return: those hoping for a sequel and those wishing for a remake. Alas, time has not stood still since 2012.



If you were a disciple of the first installment, fretting over whether the sequel would retain its original soul, you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, if you were expecting a fresh coat of paint over a formula over a decade old, brace yourself for disappointment. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a sequel in name, but in practice, it’s more of a reboot—a new chapter inheriting the foundations of its predecessor without significant innovation.


Már csak egy nap van hátra a Dragon's Dogma 2 megjelenéséig, és néhány korai PC-s játékos jelentős képkockasebesség-problémákat tapasztal...


Dragons and Dogmas


Dragon’s Dogma 2 presents an open-world action RPG where adventure is the core of the experience. Journeying through its vast lands, you’ll encounter creatures like cyclopes, griffins, giants, undead, and dragons, defeating them often poses a real challenge. Prepare accordingly with weapons, armor, and healing potions. But brute force isn’t always the answer; each monster has a weakness.

The first game was praised for its innovative gameplay, allowing players to climb on beasts to attack. A well-placed strike to a cyclops’s eye can be critical, while hitting a burning griffin’s wing might bring it crashing down, vulnerable. Dragons represent some of the most formidable challenges; you’ll soon experience this firsthand. Facing a dragon for the first time, a single blow could be fatal.

Those familiar with the trials of Souls-like games will find themselves at home in the realms of Dogma. Battles hinge on decoding your enemies’ movements; only then can you land truly damaging hits. Some confrontations present strategic puzzles, while others end in glorious victory—or humiliating defeat, a reminder of the game’s Japanese roots.

Dragon’s Dogma is a rare gem where you can shape your hero’s appearance. This sequel introduces a new race, the Leonines, reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls’ Khajiit. The choice is yours: human or Leonine, to reflect your inner self. The depth and flexibility of character creation allow you to realize your wildest dreams.

And of course, you needn’t venture alone, for every hero relies on allies… or “pawns,” if you prefer. The companions you choose can determine your fate, whether they be loyal comrades or mere fellow travelers on your journey.


Csupán hetekkel az RPG megjelenése előtt a Dragon's Dogma 2 rendezője megerősített egy fontos játékelemet, amely sok rajongót izgatni fog.


The Timothée Chalamet clone invasion


Many players used Timothée Chalamet’s face as their avatar in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and not just because of the Dune craze. The fate of your character, the Arisen, eerily mirrors that of Paul Atreides: as a prophesied hero, you must defeat the dreaded Dragon who has stolen your heart, condemning you to immortality. But this is not a curse, but an opportunity: your chance to become a legendary hero!

The protagonist of the first Dragon’s Dogma rose from humble fisherman to master of the world. The sequel spices up the amnesiac hero cliché (a tired trope in RPGs) with a gradual revelation of memory. You’ll discover you’ve been a pivotal figure in this world for a long time.

The Arisen will not be alone: along the way, you’ll find allies and enemies, but unconditional support comes from your loyal pawns. These are your slave-warrior companions, made a key element of gameplay by the developers.

You can craft your main pawns, starting from game-generated characters or unleashing your imagination. You can customize their appearance, behavior, and class. Choose from nine classes, each affecting dialogue and gameplay.

Your team can be expanded with two more members, introducing the real spice of the game: the pawn system. Choose from characters created by other players or those pre-made by Capcom before the premiere. Remember, cross-platform play is not available, so you can’t recruit a friend’s pawn if you’re not on the same platform.

You can change your character and main pawn’s class at any time, though some classes become available only later in the game. The classes offer an exciting mix, and new skills can be unlocked by meeting new Masters. Note, however, that borrowed pawns cannot be modified, and their equipped gear remains theirs.



No multiplayer, but here comes the dragonplague!


It’s worth noting for newcomers to the Dragon’s Dogma charm: this game is a solo journey. Don’t expect offline or online co-op multiplayer modes. In today’s gaming landscape, this may come as a surprise, especially considering the seamless cooperative mechanics of soulslikes, but Capcom insists that in this universe, you are the sole Arisen shaping your team. Yet, your little companions will faithfully follow your commands, supporting you as loyal allies or reliable pack mules.

But it’s not all fun and games for the pawns! They face a new challenge: the dragonplague. This disease infects pawns who come into contact with an infected comrade, leading to disobedience and unpredictable behavior. The trouble is, you might not always notice the infection – though infected pawns are more likely to resist your commands.

As for unpredictability, honestly, I didn’t see a huge difference. Maybe that’s because pawns are prone to odd behavior to begin with.

Sometimes, pawn AI can do some pretty surprising stuff: attacking from all directions without thinking, getting stuck in places for no reason, or trying to revive a dead companion while you’re fighting a massive beast.

You can assign specializations to your pawn, like healer or gatherer, allowing them to play a more active role in the game. A healer can aid with spells, but as the Dragon’s Dogma 2 tutorial warns, these actions can be both smart and disastrous. So, when you leave your pawns with potions, be prepared for anything…

Your companions can be incredibly helpful, guiding you through your adventures, especially if they’ve previously explored an area with other heroes. Every chest, cave, or completed quest remains in their memory and can be utilized by other heroes later. Thus, they can lead you to a hidden chest or show the fastest route to a selected quest. But beware: fast doesn’t mean easy! Blindly following your pawn into battle can lead you to face an overly powerful enemy. Sometimes, it’s wiser to stop, look at the map, and plan alternative routes with rest stops to avoid unnecessary danger.



Life is not a piece of Cake in Dragon’s Dogma 2


Dragon’s Dogma 2 is no cakewalk. Fast travel is as rare as a blond unicorn and can only be activated in exchange for magical trinkets – which can also be acquired through Capcom’s microtransaction magic shop if your wallet is thicker than your spine.

So, you’ll be trekking across the countryside, navigating between camps, towns, villages, and exciting locations. Collect valuable treasures and loot, but wisely manage your time! Gathering and strategic thinking are key to success on the battlefield.

If you’re tired of walking, hire a bull-drawn cart, but remember, time marches on, whether you’re on foot or carting. Some of your food will spoil if not consumed in time, turning it into waste. Whether you eat it or transform it into dried delicacies, the point is not to waste it!

Capcom spices up the adventures with realistic elements, something hardcore fans will adore. However, for others, these myriad tasks might feel more like a chore than fun.



More of a remix than a sequel


Dragon’s Dogma 2 defies simple categorization: it’s a remake, a reboot, but not quite a sequel. It blends the first game’s story with a new perspective, sometimes rewriting past events. Those familiar with the first installment may be surprised to see past events resurface at different times. However, for those not deeply invested in Dragon’s Dogma’s lore, it might feel like just reheated leftovers.

The gameplay is filled with exciting dilemmas. Do you fight, wait for the monsters to weaken each other, or run away? These decisions make the game even more thrilling. However, the first Dragon’s Dogma brought gameplay innovations 12 years ago, and since then, tastes have changed. We’re left with an enjoyable, albeit slightly clunky game, especially in light of the myriad soul-like games flooding the market.

Our hero seems uncertain when facing monsters, and the AI, whether allies or enemies, is not the brightest. The sense of adventure is there, but it doesn’t pack the punch of other games. This might be due to a lack of balance between exploration and combat, and too frequent battles. About every three minutes, you’ll stumble into an enemy.

But battling monsters might be less of a challenge than navigating the cumbersome menu and complex interface. This can make Dragon’s Dogma 2 feel outdated, potentially deterring souls-like fans or RPG enthusiasts struggling with old-school game mechanics.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is intentionally filled with challenges, sometimes frustrating, with more fighting than in Diablo 4. Yet, the game’s unique charm compels us to return and explore its world. Hopefully, fixes won’t be long in coming.



Beautiful but showing its age…


Dragon’s Dogma 2 is undeniably gorgeous, dazzling players with breathtaking visuals. However, technical polish is sometimes lacking. Tested on PlayStation 5, the game occasionally struggles to maintain 30 fps, especially in more expansive areas. Tighter combat encounters can lead to headache-inducing camera work, not to mention graphical glitches and comically poor physics. Yet, it’s worth noting that DD2 presents a magical, open world without loading times – except for game startup and fast travel.

On PC, equipped with an NVIDIA 3080, 32 GB RAM, and an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, the situation isn’t much rosier. The frame rate is higher, but the game sometimes inexplicably slows down. Further optimization is likely needed, and hopefully, post-launch patches will address these issues. The settings menu is crucial for tailoring performance to your machine, but even this can’t guarantee the disappearance of graphical glitches.

Keyboard and mouse controls are not optimal, possibly with the exception for archers who might appreciate the precision aiming. For them, disabling certain camera settings for greater movement freedom might be beneficial.



As for the RE Engine…


Dragon’s Dogma 2 employs the RE Engine, renowned for its superb depiction of character faces in the Resident Evil series. However, the game elicits mixed feelings. While the graphics are stunning, the animations don’t quite hit the mark. The transitions between camera angles during dialogue and the movement of characters appear overly simplistic. It seems the RE Engine’s potential wasn’t fully exploited, occasionally leading to frustration and detracting from the gameplay experience.

Exploration, a key allure of the game, hasn’t been given the emphasis it deserves by Capcom. The soundtrack often remains unnoticed, relegated to the background. When venturing into new areas and during battles, only a few melodies are heard, which is disappointing considering the varied habitats and magnificent creatures of Dogma, like the Sphinx. A memorable musical score could have significantly enhanced the overall impact.

On a positive note, the game is fully enjoyable in both Japanese and English voiceovers. Both are of high quality, but I’d recommend the English version, which better fits the game’s atmosphere.



Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 a true legendary dragon?


Fans who’ve been lighting candles at the altar of a sequel for the past five years (and not praying for Elden Ring) will welcome Dragon’s Dogma 2. But does the game meet the mark?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is not the most digestible morsel. It’s like an old-school RPG that’s not afraid to show its teeth. The gameplay, graphics, and menu navigation feel a bit dated. But worry not, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if such quirks don’t deter you.

Indeed, Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers a true adventure. The combat is thrilling, the exploration is joyful, and the difficulty level is just right to keep you engaged. If you cherish classic RPGs and don’t mind if the game doesn’t hold your hand, then DD 2 could be an excellent choice for you.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-


+ Dynamic, open world
+ Colorful character creation
+ Sophisticated pawn system


– Technical problems, bad framerate, bugs, Steam Deck does not run well
– Extremely outdated solutions in the gameplay
– Difficult user interface

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Capcom

Style: RPG

Release: March 21, 2024.

Dragon's Dogma 2

Gameplay - 7.6
Graphics - 7.2
Story - 6.5
Music/Audio - 6.2
Ambience - 7.5



Dragon's Dogma 2: ambitious but rusty. It harkens back to past glories but doesn't always withstand the test of time. Fans and newcomers alike can enjoy the adventure, character creation, and combat, but technical glitches and design missteps can be irksome. If you can overlook these, a magical journey in a beautiful, diverse world awaits.

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