Three Capcom Games to Leave Steam Soon

The Japanese publisher is giving us a little less than two weeks to get our hands on these three games before Capcom makes them unavailable for purchase (at least they’re not pulling them from Steam without telling us first…).


The three games that will be removed from Steam at 5:30 PM Pacific on May 8th (2:30 AM Europe on May 9th) are Dark Void, Dark Void Zero, and Flock. Dark Void is a sci-fi action-adventure genre game from Airtight Games, Dark Void Zero is a retro-style platformer from Other Ocean Interactive, while Flock is a sandbox puzzle title from Proper Games. Flock was released in 2009, Dark Void and Dark Void Zero in 2010. All three are currently discounted, so this is your last chance to pick them up for a bargain, and per Steam rules, if they’re already part of your library, you can download them at any time, but no new purchases will be possible once they’re delisted.

“Customers who purchased the title prior to its delisting date may still be able to enjoy the game in the future, depending on the ability of their PC operating system to continue running the game,” the Steam pages for the three games state. So, as we wrote, if it’s in your library, you can launch it, and from there it’s just a matter of whether your operating system supports it, as the system requirements are certainly already met by any PC for 2009/2010 games.

It’s not yet known if Dark Void, Dark Void Zero and Flock will be taken off the other digital platforms, but we could see a bigger discount on Xbox in their case. Capcom removed another game from the Microsoft Store in March: it’s Age of Booty (and the name of the game is not a reference to Matt Booty, who currently runs Activision Blizzard…).

Digital games can be lost in this way, but their preservation is not a problem in this case. This is no longer true for the first part of The Crew…

Source: VGC

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