A Horizon Forbidden West Prequel Is In The Works, But There’s A Twist! [VIDEO]

The prequel to Horizon Forbidden West will officially be released in 2025.



Ever since Horizon Forbidden West’s hugely successful Burning Shores expansion came out, many have been desperately waiting for news on what’s next. It is almost certain that the third and final part of the franchise is already on its way.

Indeed, Guerrilla or Sony haven’t revealed it yet, but we’ve seen enough job postings and references to the third instalment to know it exists.

Plus, it turns out that there are actually quite a few Horizon projects in the works. In addition to the unannounced third instalment, a LEGO Horizon game is also rumoured to be announced this summer. According to news, a trailer is already ready for the cube version of one of Sony’s flagship IPs, which is believed to be titled LEGO Horizon Adventures.

There are also rumours of a Horizon multiplayer game, footage of which has been leaked for quite some time now. Also, about the official remake of the first title. The removal of the game from PlayStation Plus further fuels this rumour.


Horizon Forbidden West prequel – in tabletop form?!


Then there’s also Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion. This is an upcoming co-op tabletop adventure set before Aloy’s arrival in the Forbidden West. The first evaluations of the test games have recently arrived.

Seeds of Rebellion is set in the early stages of Regalla’s rebellion. He is the leader of the rebel Tenakth, which Forbidden West players will undoubtedly be familiar with. We will be playing as a Tenakth Loyalist led by Chief Hekarro.

Alternating between combat encounters and narrative cutscenes, Seeds of Rebellion will have players battling against some brutal machines. Meanwhile, they must also contend with Regalla’s rebellion and the Red Blight of the Forbidden West.

All those who have tried it attest that the game is entirely accessible. Even if you are not a fan of board games. The combat is said to be very similar to that of video games. You can attack with a series of Aloy’s signature melee and ranged weapons, plus you can set up traps.

If you are interested, you can learn more about Seeds of Rebellion at the Kickstarter link below. It would help if you also watched the previews below.

Source: Kickstarter

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