Baldur’s Gate 3 Director Reveals How He Sees The Future Of Role-Playing Games

According to Swen Vincke, games like GTA VI or The Witcher 4 will “dwarf” Baldur’s Gate 3.



If we talk about AAA games with colossal production value, Baldur’s Gate 3 should definitely be mentioned. Even if its budget was “only” $100 million. There are other games that promise to be huge. One of these is Grand Theft Auto VI, which is slated for release in the fall of 2025 and is, in many ways, destined to be an industry-reviving title.

Another highly anticipated game that has yet to enter production is the next Witcher instalment. More than 400 developers of CD Projekt are working on it. This is the big throw of the Polish company. So we’re looking at a game that aims to show huge production values. What does Baldur’s Gate 3 have to do with this?

The grandiosity of Larian Studios’ fantasy RPG is hardly comparable to any current game; the studio’s CEO also reflected on this in an interview with Game Pressure.

“Of course, you shouldn’t expect from somebody who has an indie budget that they’re gonna make a big AAA, cinematic expansive RPG” – says Swen Vincke. “But you can rest assured. You guys have Witcher 4 coming. I’m sure that will be fantastic. You are going to see a whole bunch of other games that are going to be very huge. Like GTA 6. That’s also going to be massive and expensive. They can dwarf what we’ve been doing,” he explains.


The studio behind Baldur’s Gate 3 was not spared by the crisis either


A few days ago, it was reported that BG3 was not free from crunch either. However, the game’s director confirmed that this is not as devastating a stage as previous RPGs. “Baldur’s Gate 3 definitely had less of it than in the past. It would be a lie to say it wasn’t. Things happened that we didn’t expect,” admitted Swen Vincke. In any case, it is a fact that cutting-edge games – at least in this genre – are becoming more and more grandiose and expensive.

We look forward to what Vincke and their colleagues will put on the table next! After the success of BG3, they probably won’t have to operate on an “indie budget” much…

Source: Game Pressure

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