Outer Range Season 2 – Once Upon a Time in a Mysterious Wild West

SERIES REVIEW – The second season of Outer Range returns to the enigmatic landscapes of Wyoming, where the vast scenery and the power of nature uniquely blend with elements of sci-fi and mysticism. The Abbott family faces new challenges as their struggle to protect their land and unravel mysteries deepens, revealing new layers of the story.


Outer Range is a unique fusion of the western and sci-fi genres, which in the first season already demonstrated how to thrillingly combine mystical elements with time travel. The series centers on Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) and his family, who run a vast ranch in Wyoming. The plot really kicks into gear when a mysterious black hole appears on their farm, capable of time travel, bringing numerous secrets and mysteries to the surface. The Abbott family not only has to fight for their land but also contend with the neighboring Tillerson family, who are equally eager to claim the territory. The first season offered numerous exciting twists and character dramas, gradually introducing viewers to the rich and complex mythology of the series.

The depth of the characters and the narrative layers are particularly impressive. The dynamics within the Abbott family, Royal’s past secrets, and the Tillerson family’s intrigues all contribute to making the second season of Outer Range even more exciting and intense. The time travel and parallel timelines further complicate the plot, raising deeper philosophical questions about the nature of time and human destiny.



Time Travel and Parallel Timelines


The theme of time travel becomes even more prominent this season, showcasing multiple timelines and their interweaving. Scenes featuring young Royal Abbott and Wayne Tillerson, as well as past events impacting current happenings, bring thrilling twists. The storylines beautifully interweave, delving deeper into the mysteries of traversing timelines. This season introduces more time travel paradoxes and questions, such as how past decisions affect current events and the consequences of interactions between timelines. The theme of time travel not only complicates the plot but also raises deeper philosophical questions about the nature of time and human destiny.

Exploring parallel timelines, viewers get a glimpse into various alternate realities where characters make different decisions, shaping their lives in different ways. This approach adds more complexity to the story and excitingly unfolds the connections between timelines.



Visuals and Atmosphere


The series continues to offer stunning visuals, with breathtaking landscapes and meticulously composed shots. The grand depiction of Wyoming’s scenery and the mystical elements create a unique atmosphere. The cinematography and production design help convey the story’s depth and complexity while balancing western and sci-fi elements. The visual effects and creative camera work contribute to the series’ unique style, which is both modern and classic.

The sets and costumes authentically capture the era’s vibe while naturally fitting the mystical elements into the story. The detailed world-building and use of special effects further enhance the series’ atmosphere, immersing viewers completely in the unique world of Outer Range. The nighttime scenes, illuminated by lightning and mystical lights, are particularly memorable, further intensifying the series’ mystical mood.



Emotional and Philosophical Depths


The second season of the series not only focuses on mysticism and time travel but also delves into deep emotional and philosophical questions. Themes of faith, redemption, and family play significant roles, with the characters’ inner struggles and moral dilemmas enriching the story. The performances, especially by Brolin and Poots, result in memorable and authentic moments.

The second season of Outer Range is a captivating and deeply thought-provoking journey into the world of mysticism and the wild west. The plot twists, the mysteries of time travel, and character development all contribute to making this season even more thrilling and satisfying than the first. The series’ visual style and atmosphere provide a unique experience that ensures viewers eagerly await the continuation.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-



Outer Range Season 2

Direction - 8.5
Actors - 8.2
Story - 8
Visuals/Music/Sounds - 9
Ambience - 8.7



Overall, the second season of Outer Range solidifies the series' position as one of the most exciting and intriguing sci-fi westerns currently on screen. The combination of time travel and mysticism, deep emotional content, and stunning visuals all contribute to a memorable series experience, now in its second season as well.

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