Indiana Jones and the Great Circle: The Shooting is Secondary! [VIDEO]

MachineGames’ next game will have a much greater emphasis on puzzles and stealth, and there’s a reason for that, according to the studio behind the 2014 Wolfenstein reboots.


Jerk Gustafsson, director of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, was a guest on the Official Xbox Podcast, and here he explained that the goal was to create a true adventure game that would appeal to a wider audience than the Wolfenstein titles were trying to reach. Shooting will be relegated to the background, so much so that if you find yourself in a tight spot, you’ll have to use your fists for the most part.

“We are used to having these heavy weapons, gun-blasting shooters. This is a little bit different. We’re making a real adventure game here, and it’s also a game that’s a little bit more geared towards a broader audience, [which is] a little bit new for us. We made it a priority to stay true to Indy’s personality and who he is. He is a normal human being. He is not this caped superhero. He is flawed, he makes mistakes, he stumbles. There is weight to his movement, and we have this gritty pulp edge to the action. But at the same time, he’s also very athletic, he’s an excellent fighter, and he has a tremendous amount of luck.

That’s something we focused a lot on in terms of gameplay. [Indy] solves problems with his mind first and really relies on smarts, not this over-the-top fighting that we’ve seen or done in the Wolfenstein games before. So when you play the game, whether you want to go the more authentic stealth route or just do some classic hand-to-hand combat is going to be a benefit to the player and, in most cases, a very fun and challenging experience,” Gustafsson said.

MachineGames has done a lot of work with Lucasfilm to make the game authentic, taking us to places like the Himalayas, Thailand, the Vatican, and some characters we haven’t seen before. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is coming to Xbox Series and PC later this year and will also be available on Game Pass.

Source: WCCFTech

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