Is Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Coming Soon?

It’s interesting that the French publisher hasn’t said a word about this franchise at Ubisoft Forward, even though there are plans to do so…


No, we’re not talking about Beyond Good & Evil 2, because that game has been canceled for sure, and Ubisoft just doesn’t have the guts to admit that a project that was supposed to be an AAAA game has been canceled. No, this time we’re talking about Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, whose PlayStation trophies (35 in total) have been leaked, courtesy of Exophase. The site tracks trophies or achievements from PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

When the game was first leaked (US ESRB rating back in August), the Xbox achievements were leaked a few months later, and that’s when Ubisoft confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition was in development. You would think that at Summer Game Fest or Ubisoft Forward, the company led by Yves Guillemot would at least have a new trailer to draw attention to it, but Ubisoft missed the boat, which is a very incomprehensible move on their part.

The ESRB rating is interesting though, as the Nintendo Switch is also listed as a target platform. Could Ubisoft be saving the announcement for the Nintendo Direct? Since Nintendo and Ubisoft have a pretty good relationship, and since the big N is planning a show for June (which will NOT be about the Switch successor!), maybe the game could be discussed there.

Still, we have to ask: is Ubisoft out of ideas? Because Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition would be the SECOND remaster of the game. Let’s not forget that a full HD remaster of the story was released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store in 2011. We wouldn’t be surprised if Ubisoft pulls this version to try to make money with even less work.

Source: VGC

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