A Cancelled Game of Thrones Spin-Off is in the Works

MOVIE NEWS – George R.R. Martin has confirmed that he will be returning to a forgotten storyline, meaning that the previously canceled spin-off is back on the cards.


There have been many Game of Thrones spin-offs, and some of them have been extremely successful. But not all of them made it to the finish line, as two projects were canceled. One was going to focus on Jon Snow and it was going to be a prequel. In the end, that didn’t happen, and presumably, that won’t change. Another spin-off is in the works, but there is a good chance it will return on the road.

It is 10,000 Ships that Martin mentioned on his website. In his announcement, he congratulated playwright Eboni Booth, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her play Primary Trust, and this is not out of place, as Martin also confirmed that Booth will write the pilot episode of the new series. According to the writer, there is a great creative synergy between Booth and HBO, and he acknowledges the award-winning author’s work. HBO hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but it’s significant that the series creator has confirmed the plans, and if he likes the project, it could be a great one.

Booth is not only a great writer, as she is also an actress, but she has also worked elsewhere. She also works as a writer, including the Hulu series We Were The Lucky Ones, where she wrote the Warsaw episode. Booth’s Game of Thrones prequel is a testament to his versatile skills, and perhaps a way to make the 10,000 ships, first announced for 2021, a reality.

HBO then canceled the project, which may now be a reality, but Martin humorously pointed out that the production team must fund ten thousand ships, three hundred dragons, and giant turtles. This story takes place a thousand years before the original Game of Thrones, with Queen Nymeria at the center, at the head of House Martell. The story also has several biblical references…

Source: GameRant, George R.R. Martin

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