Has Sony Cut Back on VR Development?

Rumors have it that Sony isn’t too happy with the demand for virtual reality, and with the company recently shutting down one of its studios dedicated to it, there may be some truth to what we’ve been hearing.


According to Android Central, two games made for PlayStation VR have been canceled by Sony. We’d like to clarify, however, that these could be PlayStation VR2 titles. Why would the “blue” company stop development? The answer is simple, and equally prosaic: there is little interest within the publisher to make more games, which means that interest in PlayStation VR2 is very far from expectations, as evidenced by the fact that Sony has yet to release any official sales figures for the next-generation VR headset.

Sony’s biggest VR effort came in the opening titles of PlayStation VR2, as Horizon: Call of the Mountain was the one the company seemed to have bet everything on. Since then, however, we haven’t heard much from the company’s ranks, aside from the closure of the PlayStation London studio, a team focused on VR. This is yet another indication that Sony’s virtual reality isn’t exactly on a firm footing.

The PlayStation VR2 PC Adapter will be available on August 7th for €/$60, but you’ll need a DisplayPort cable that supports DP 1.4 and a PC with enough power. Of course, the PlayStation VR2’s powerful exclusive features won’t work on a PC, so we’ll only be able to use them on PlayStation 5. And that costs about the same as the VR headset itself. We’d like to suggest something to Sony: CUT THE PRICE, for some reason that doesn’t seem to be part of their strategy. In the case of the PlayStation 5, they haven’t lowered the price in almost four years, they’ve raised it!

Back in October, Eric Lempel, head of international marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, said that VR was important to them, but that they had not yet reached its potential. So they won’t.

Source: VGC, Android Central

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