Cyberpunk 2077: A Secretly Big Addition from CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED (CDPR) continues to update its first-person adventure game, but the Polish company has also made a new addition that we wouldn’t have expected.


Cyberpunk 2077 is no longer getting a content expansion like the Phantom Liberty add-on (which was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC, but not PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), but it’s still worth picking up the game’s only add-on. The DLC is playable once you complete the base game’s Transmission mission in the Pacifica storyline. That way, you can start Phantom Liberty in the middle of your playthrough, so you don’t have to play through the base story.

Here’s an interesting fact: If you finish Phantom Liberty first and then play through Cyberpunk 2077, the DLC will change the ending! However, this new ending is not available to everyone. There are certain decisions to be made that are related to Songbird. It doesn’t matter if you side with Reed or Songbird, but it is important to choose an ending where Songbird survives the events and enjoys the “hospitality” of the FIA.

Once you’ve completed the DLC, you’ll complete a mission in the base game called Through Pain to Heaven. We have to wait for Reed to contact us and invite us to a meeting before he leaves Night City. Then comes Who Wants to Live Forever, where we have to wait for Reed to contact us again. We have to wait on the roof of Misty’s Esoterica, where we might have a romantic companion at our side. The NUSA agents will arrive to take us to Langley, who will remove the relic from our heads. If we’ve taken the right steps, Reed will be there for us when we wake up. He’ll explain what happened during the operation.

At the end, we’ll get a unique epilogue where we’ll see some familiar faces. We won’t give away any specifics, but it’s great to see CDPR paying so much attention to detail.

Source: Gamingbible

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