Last Year 1600 People Were Fired, Yet Now Embracer Group Claims They Are Not AI-Centric, but “People-Centric”!

Embracer Group (which laid off nearly 1,600 people last year), which is facing a three-way split, says it doesn’t want to replace humans…


However, in its annual report, Embracer has outlined its strategy for how it will use artificial intelligence in future games, as the technology has the ability to significantly improve game development by ensuring more efficient management of resources and adding intelligent behavior, customization and optimization to gameplay. Generative AI is a highly sensitive topic, and there has already been some backlash: Blizzard has stated that it will not be used in World of Warcraft. Embracer believes that the rapid development of large language models (LLMs) has led to the emergence of AI capable of recognizing complex patterns, contributing through advanced coding, and providing increasingly human-like interaction.

“Certainly, one of the biggest risks for a company is not using AI, as it would put them at a competitive disadvantage to other industry players. Most companies will move forward with AI integration in different ways. For us, the most critical element is how we do it. We do not want to replace people with AI; we want to empower them. That is at the core of our human-centric approach to unlocking the potential of AI. It’s not just that AI will enable our developers to do more and be more efficient at certain tasks, it will also open up programming to a broader group of developers.

People with disabilities, for example, who may not be able to use a keyboard as easily as others, may find it easier to enter the industry. As models become more human-like, the interaction between players and AI-assisted functions will become much more dynamic. If you negotiate in a game scenario, the AI can remember that the next time you play. This makes the whole gaming experience much more interesting and lifelike,” says Tomas Hedman, head of privacy and AI governance at Embracer.

The question is how far they will go…

Source: PCGamer, Embracer Group

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