Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024: What Will be Actually Expanded? [VIDEO]

At FlightSim Expo 2024, Microsoft announced more about Asobo Studio’s game, which will build on the successful foundations of the 2020 game.


The world modeling will be completely reworked, so the 3D map on the ground will be new, the environment will be more visually appealing everywhere, the world scale will be expanded, and the studio is also preparing to expand commercial flight activities. So the Earth below us will be fully three-dimensional, not just a texture. Thirty different biomes will be modeled and vegetation will be procedurally generated. So if we compare the flight simulator of 2020 with the one of 2024, the difference between the two will be heaven and earth.

The AI-controlled aircraft will have more detail and paint. International shipping will be simulated, and oil rigs from around the world will appear with platforms for helicopters. Every helipad and glider runway in the world will be in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (if you know about them). There will also be half a million tall obstacles, including antennas, towers, turbines, masts, and cooling towers.

You can also do pre-flight tasks if you are flying a commercial airliner, so you can walk around the plane. In the airport models you will already see passengers moving between buildings and you can see them through the windows. Of course, they will also board the planes. The physics have also been improved. There will be more points of contact on the aircraft models and the physics of cargo, for example, has been improved. This should make it very easy for outside developers and modders to improve the current models.

Clouds and shadows will also be improved. Especially the raytracing ground shadows look nicer. The new cloud engine can also simulate cirrus clouds with widening and atmospheric scattering. There will also be an in-game route planner and an in-game replay option. The game will be released on November 19 for Xbox Series and PC.

Source: PCGamer

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