Grand Theft Auto V: More Proof that Rockstar Really Did Cancel the Single-Player Story Mode DLC!

A fan has allegedly found a song intended to be used in one of the canceled single-player expansions for Rockstar Games’ massively critical and sales hit.


Grand Theft Auto V is a game that still has plenty of sales in the top 10, even though it has been almost 11 years since it was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But the game did not receive a single-player DLC, and in 2017 Rockstar justified this by saying that they did not have enough resources for it, because at that time they were developing Red Dead Redemption 2 (it finally reached players in 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), and they wanted to focus on content expansions for Grand Theft Auto Online.

In 2019, it was revealed that Grand Theft Auto Online’s Diamond Casino DLC was a “repackage” of a canceled single-player expansion. Doomsday Heist also worked from the assets of the unrealized story DLCs. There would have been at least three such content expansions: one based on a zombie apocalypse, another based on Trevor working as a secret agent, and the third based on an Ocean’s Eleven (- Triple or nothing) casino heist. Diamond Casino, of course…

A leak from last November referred to the Agent Trevor DLC, in which the unpredictable, unpredictable character could be wearing a jetpack. Now one of the possible songs has leaked out. The song is called Clifford and the artist is said to be a band called Sweet Valley. This was also the name of the antagonistic artificial intelligence model in GTA Online’s Doomsday Heist DLC. Jetpacks also appeared in this DLC, and it can be inferred that Rockstar would have pitted Trevor against Clifford and probably used it towards the end of the DLC or in a scene in a more action-packed scene.

It is understandable that Rockstar did not want to throw away the work that had already been done, since if certain elements of the DLCs were already there, they could be reused, which allowed the company to earn even more money with less work, since GTA Online Rockstar and Take-Two made a fool of themselves.

Source: GameRant

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