Will Battlefield 7 Focus on the Balkans?

The search for an actor for the next installment of one of Electronic Arts’ most important IPs is underway, and that tells us a few things.


The project is codenamed Timeless Fields. This term could be applied to the Balkans, where armed conflicts break out all too often. The reason it can be called Battlefield 7 is because Electronic Arts is included in the definition, and the description of the project says a lot: Timeless Field is an action/adventure/military themed game. This definition fits Battlefield to a tee.

The character they are looking for is called Rozonda. She is between the ages of 25 and 35 and must be a Slavic woman with an authentic Croatian, Bosnian, or Serbian accent. She’s a Special Forces Operator. Rozonda has always been the outcast, the child of two different ethnic backgrounds in Croatia. A tactician of remarkable mental and physical courage, she commands respect and attention, but can be impatient and despises weakness. She’s fit, athletic, and can move easily with a prop weapon. The candidate must speak Croatian and/or Bosnian and/or Serbian.

This does not necessarily mean that the Balkans will be a major setting for the new battleground. We can only pray that this is NOT an acting job offered to a multiplayer character and that Electronic Arts finally remembers that Battlefield 2042 was a huge failure and should try to do the opposite, i.e. have a single player element in the next Battlefield, despite the fact that Electronic Arts closed the studio of Marcus Lehto (Halo creator) who was working on it.

Electronic Arts is not in a good position with Battlefield, so it would be a good idea to strengthen the publisher’s grip on the IP under Andrew Wilson’s leadership. Perhaps the publisher can do just that if it has single-player content and a location and/or date that can attract attention, otherwise there will be no interest.

Source: Reddit

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