A Quiet Place: Day One’s Original Director Spills The Beans – That’s The Reason Why He Had To Leave!

MOVIE NEWS – Creative disagreements lead to Jeff Nichols unexpectedly leaving A Quiet Place: Day One despite being signed on as writer/director…



Jeff Nichols, the original director of A Quiet Place: Day One, has revealed what made him leave the project after John Krasinski himself signed on to write and direct. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue the work due to creative differences. After his departure, Paramount Pictures decided to scrap everything and start from scratch with writer-director Michael Sarnoski, the director responsible for the 2021 Nicolas Cage thriller Pig.

The film, which hits theatres next month, is a prequel to Krasinski’s sci-fi horror movies that tell the story of a family living in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens roam free.

They are ultra-sensitive to sound, so noisy people are perfect prey. Unless they find a way to live completely silent. Nichols already signed on in 2021, before the release of the second film, and he even wrote the script for the project. The director is best known for his unique filmmaking style, with well-developed and complex characters and exceptional performances.

In an interview with The Wrap, Nichols explained in more detail that he, along with Krasinski, is involved in the project:

“He was a fan of my films and was asking me if I wanted to make this prequel…those movies are pretty good. And I liked what they said about sacrifice and family. It felt thematically in line with some of the stuff I had made. I hatched an idea of ​​how to approach it in a way that I felt comfortable with, that I was like, I think this is a movie that could get made.”

“It’s hard to say this without sounding pretentious but I’ve made enough films at this point in my career, that if I do this, it’s going to become my film… the truth is ‘Quiet Place,’ those are his films .”

“It’s not about ego, it’s about process.” At some point, you realize, it’s never going to be my film. It’s better if I just step away and let some other people do that.”


A Quiet Place: Day One early reactions are out


Without A Quiet Place: Day One hasn’t even hit theatres yet, but star Lupita Nyong’o already envisioned endless possibilities for the horror franchise. While it’s still too early to release and tally official reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, initial reactions on social media from those lucky enough to attend some early press screenings are impressive.

Initial reactions seem to be quite positive so far. Reviews range from “pretty good” to “the best of the franchise”, depending on habitus and horror taste.

In any case, fans of the genre will probably not have to fear that the cinema will fall very far from the tree of the first two parts.

The film is clearly influenced by Michael Sarnoski’s Pig because the first social media reviews are pouring in. This amazing online hype looks set to only bolster the already good long-term first-day forecast for the horror film to gross more than $40 million in its opening weekend in the US.

Source: The Wrap, Deadline

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