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MOVIE NEWS - Batman star Robert Pattinson had no idea that the character was known as one of the world's greatest detectives.

Batman Movie Synopsis Teases Pattinson’s Rage-Filled Dark Knight

MOVIE NEWS – The Batman movie synopsis…
MOVIE NEWS - "It's like they've put Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne and James Bond action scenes together with dinosaurs," wrote a Gizmodo reviewer after a screening of a few minutes from next year's super-production Jurassic Park: World Domination at CinemaCon, one of America's biggest film events. The preview showed the female lead, Bryce Dallas Howard, jumping from building to building as she is chased by dinosaurs, while the male lead, Chris Pratt, chases a velociraptor down a cobbled street, suggesting a European setting.

Jurassic Park Could Come To Reality? – Scientists Discover 125 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur DNA

MOVIE NEWS – According to Chinese scientists,…
MOZI NEWS - The creator of the video game saga has played a significant role in the highly anticipated series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

Neil Druckmann Has Finished Filming The Last of Us HBO Series

MOVIE NEWS – The creator of the…
As another Marvel movie hits theatres today, "Venom: There Will Be Killing" continues its run with another milestone.

Venom: There Will Be Carnage Hits $400 Million At The Box Office

MOVIE NEWS – As another Marvel movie…
The Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito gives an honest answer to the question of who is his favourite co-star and named Gina Carano.

Giancarlo Esposito Says His Favorite Mandalorian Co-Star Is Gina Carano [VIDEO]

The Mandalorian star Giancarlo Esposito gives an…
Disney has refused to remove parts of the plot that conflicted with the region's censorship authorities.

Disney Will Not Release Eternals In Persian Gulf Countries [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Disney has refused to…
MOVIE NEWS - "A life was lost," mourned "The Rock," whose production company will only use plastic props in the future.

“The Rock”: A DC And Marvel Crossover Might Possible With Gal Gadot And Ryan Reynolds

MOVIE NEWS – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…
While the actor didn't reveal too much about the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel, he assured fans that everything is going as planned and hopes to have official news on the film soon.

Ryan Reynolds Is Working On Deadpool 3 And Hopes To Reveal More About The Film…

MOZI NEWS – Ryan Reynolds has given…
The Mighty Ducks franchise will continue without Emilio Estevez.

Emilio Estevez Leaves ‘Mighty Ducks’ Due To Vaccination Requirement

MOVIE NEWS – The Mighty Ducks franchise…
MOVIE NEWS - "A life was lost," mourned "The Rock," whose production company will only use plastic props in the future.

Dwayne Johnson Won’t Use Guns In His Movies After The Rush Drama

MOVIE NEWS – “A life was lost,”…

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