After his acting days passed, Joey Cramer has been indeed regularly fixture in Vancouver area courthouses due to drug and fraud related charges. The Sunshine Coast RCMP issued an alert for Cramer in 2011 when he was wanted on fraud charges.

The Grown-Up Child Star from Flight of the Navigator Arrested for Bank Robbing

MOVIE NEWS – Sometimes a movie star’s…
There are also presistent rumors that Boba will show up in this Christmas' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but he didn't appear in the first trailer. We'll continue to keep you posted on all things Star Wars, so stay tuned.

Why Did Boba Fett Perish So Soon in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi?

MOVIE NEWS – Craig Miller at LucasFilm…
Especially since the Sith Lord is a master swordsman in Star Wars Rebels, which takes place only a short time before Rogue One.

Rogue One: A Classic Star Wars Villain Confirmed?

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Still, Civil War is an exciting, often frivolous pop pleasure.

Captain America: Civil War – Friends won’t be friends

Friends won’t be friends
The series is now three seasons in and a fourth confirmed.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – A spin-off within the Marvel universe

A spin-off within the Marvel universe
It isn't known if Josh Boone is still planning to direct this movie since he is also attached to two other high-profile projects.

The Interview with the Vampire Remake Script Is Finished

MOVIE NEWS – Director Josh Boone made…
Do you think Lady Gaga is the right choice to remake A Star is Born? Let us know in the comments.

Lady Gaga May Star in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born?

MOVIE NEWS – A Star is Born…
Every episode will contain its score and soundtrack curated with iconic classic tunes and original Blues Brothers numbers.

A Blues Brothers Animated Series with Dan Aykroyd

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Karl Urban will next be seen reprising his role of Bones in Star Trek Beyond, which hits theaters on July 22. The actor will most certainly be doing press for that movie, so hopefully there will be more updates for the star to share as we get closer to that film's release. Until then, check out the tweets about a potential TV series happening shortly.

Karl Urban May Return in Judge Dredd TV Series?

MOVIE NEWS –Judge Dredd actor Karl Urban…

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