Nope: The Hollywood Daredevil Wants to Turn Audiences Upside Down with His New Film

MOVIE NEWS – Oscar-winning Jordan Peele ( Disappear, We ) juggles not only genres, but also film marketing. Every movie he makes comes up with cleverly dripping information for months, and this is the latest work on the situation, Gender. He’s been talking more and more about his new film for a long time, while nothing concrete is really revealed, only the tension of waiting increases.


Peele recently provided a more secure handrail in his interview: he revealed that Nope is running for the title of “big American UFO movie.” The director says serious spectacle is expected, which is why the film was shot in IMAX format, allowing the latest flying saucer to fully impress the audience. Peele said the quarantine for the covid had moved something in him: he was starting to worry about the future of cinema, so he was starting to break his head in a way that would lure viewers back into the cool of multiplexes.

It’s still not clear what the film is about, but according to the dropped remarks by crew members, Peele is once again shedding new genres and character types in a new light with the aim of putting the audience upside down. In any case, the director has already explained the title of the new film. You want viewers to be surprised to shout “ Nope !” When the story gets to be solved.

( Nope – Home Show: August 18, 2022 .)

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