The Informant and Other Series Have Been Removed from HBO Max’s Line-Up

MOVIE NEWS – According to the official announcement, “due to the merger of HBO Max and Discovery +”, it was necessary for several series, including The Informant, to suddenly disappear from HBO Max’s offerings.


In the spring, the “flagship” of HBO Max, which also started in Hungary, was the series The Informant, which was a series set in the eighties, in which a young intellectual guy was blackmailed into the intellectual, university society to report on them. The new Hungarian series was about the rebellion of the young intellectuals of the eighties, the beginning of the opposition organization, love, friendship and betrayal. The series was a great success ( you can read our review here ) and HBO Max’s featured marketing activities. So far …

Creative writes that the series has disappeared from HBO Max’s offerings: even if you type it into your search engine, you’ll only get an error message:

After Kreatív visited HBO Max, suspecting a simple mistake, it turned out that the situation was much more serious … Warner Bros. Discovery, the domestic PR manager of the owner of HBO Max, Ádám Pinczés-Pressing, who shared the official response of the media company With a creative that we cite without change:

“In preparation for the merger of HBO Max and Discovery +, the two platforms are being analyzed and the final service is being developed. Part of this process is to remove some content from the interfaces ”

Kreatív tried to ask further questions, but the Hungarian office could not answer. We also investigated the additional reasons, asking if this also means that we can no longer expect the second season of the informant, but we have not received any answers yet.

The content of “weeding” affected not only the entire first season of the informant, but also other European and self-produced series:

  • Seasonal Immigrants Two Seasons (Beforeigners)
  • Czech It Out
  • Foodie Love
  • Season 3 of Shadows (Umbre)
  • Sexy Swedes (Lust)
  • Sleepers
  • Golden Life Season 3

In addition, other US-made series have fallen victim to the measures: Vinyl (of which, interestingly, the pilot has survived), Run, or Mrs. Fletcher are no longer on the surface.

According to the Creative article, we won’t get a reasonable explanation as to why the hugely popular local content had to be picked up, but one possible explanation was that Warner Bros. Discovery’s new CEO, David Zaslav, is a pretty “frugal” solution. took control not so long ago and has ruthlessly smashed content like CNN + just to cut costs thoroughly. The cost-cutting includes the layoffs of thousands of employees, 30% of whom in the marketing department. What is the logic behind retrieving existing, finished series from the service is still difficult to understand.

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