If there is one thing the world of The Wheel of Time is not short of, it is content. Robert Jordan's sprawling work of fantasy spans 15 hefty volumes (including a prequel) and took 29 years to complete, ultimately outliving its creator (Brandon Sanderson finished the last three books after Jordan's death).

The Wheel of Time – Is the Wheel spinning well, or is this fantasy series…

Is the Wheel spinning well, or is…
MOVIE REVIEW - Martin Scorcese says superhero movies are not really movies, compared to amusement parks. I have protested against this myself, but in the case of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the analogy remains unchanged. CinemaScore

Doctor Strange 2 Doesn’t Perform Very Well – At Least According To CinemaScore

MOVIE NEWS – Doctor Strange in the…
MOVIE NEWS - Michael Keaton's Dark Knight is now iconic; as it turns out, Tim Burton had a specific reason for casting him in 1989's Batman, despite fan outcry.

Tim Burton Revealed Why He Chose Michael Keaton To Play Batman

MOVIE NEWS – Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight…
Ewan McGregor MOVIE NEWS - Disney+'s new Obi-Wan Kenobi series has some of the same elements as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Is There Connection Between The Kenobi Series And Fallen Order? Ewan McGregor Spoke! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Disney+’s new Obi-Wan Kenobi…
Apple TV+'s new limited series, Shining Girls, bravely takes on this challenge with a story that offers a reality-changing take on the trauma of a horrific attack.

Shining Girls – Time-travelling serial killer hunts young women in this unique thriller

Time-travelling serial killer hunts young women in…
MOVIE NEWS - The venerable actor continues to deny any involvement in the upcoming film, despite his voice being featured in the trailer.

Patrick Stewart May be Open to Play Professor X Again After Doctor Strange in the…

MOVIE NEWS – Patrick Stewart has made…
MOVIE NEWS - Following the success of the first film HBO Max, Warner Bros. is now making a sequel to Mortal Kombat, with Johnny Cage expected to appear.

Could A WWE Star Play Johnny Cage In Mortal Kombat 2?!

MOVIE NEWS – Following the success of…
MOVIE PREVIEW - The Necronomicon returns to haunt the living in Evil Dead Rise. Here's everything we know about the film so far!

Evil Dead Rise – Cast, Crew and Everything We know About It So Far!

Cast, Crew and Everything We know About…
MOVIE NEWS - In the aftermath of episode 6 of Moon Knight, a new character that fans have been waiting for all series is finally introduced, but who is he? WARNING! EPISODE 6 SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!

Moon Knight: Who is the New Character? [SPOILER]

MOVIE NEWS – In the aftermath of…

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