In fact, every more or less important character in the movie fit well in the story, neither of them feel overexposed or having too little screen time.

The Great Wall – Historical Fantasy Made in China

Historical Fantasy Made in China
MOVIE - Imagine the story of The Last of Us filmed with a supermodel-like young guy instead of good old Joel. Got it? OK.

The 5th Wave – Those waves should have washed this away

MOVIE – Imagine the story of The…
MOVIE – In his Golden Globe prized role as the legendary explorer, Hugh Glass, Leonardo Di Caprio is mauled by a bear and severely damaged then left for dead left for dead by members of his own hunting team.

The Revenant – Survival of the fittest

MOVIE – In his Golden Globe prized…
MOVIE - Quentin Tarantino is one of our most renowned directors who has released a brand new movie. Just for the sake variety, we are getting a bounty hunter flick that takes place in the era of the previous film.

Hateful Eight – Is Tarantino losing his magic touch?

MOVIE – Quentin Tarantino is one of…
It had to be as much a classic Star Wars episode, as a modern sci-fi tale. Was Abrams up the to the enormous challenge and pressure from the fans?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A myth reborn

MOVIE – J. J. Abrams had one…

Krampus – The gift that keeps on taking

MOVIE – 2015 is soon over, and…
The make-up team also made an excellent work while showing the actors seem all thinner, dehydrated and hurt.

In the Heart of the Sea – The whale is not the actual monster

MOVIE – Winter, 1820. The whaler Essex…
Jolie appears almost as an exception to star in her movie alongside her husband, Brad Pitt.

By the Sea – A dying relationship’s tale from Angelina Jolie

MOVIE – The filmmakers who direct their…
Steven Spielberg's movie - based on the real-life story of James Donovan - takes an entirely different approach to the well-known spy formula. True: James Donovan was not a spy himself.

Bridge of Spies – Spielberg’s lesson in humanity

MOVIE – Bridge of Spies tells the…

Black Mass – The FBI is forever in your Depp

MOVIE – The latest flick of the…

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