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Seeing how Night Dive plans to release this remake as a multiplatform title, we can expect it to show up on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too.

System Shock 3 New information is already teased!

While the first game’s remake is in…
When this game was announced, only the PC was mentioned as a platform. We find that unlikely - it is possible to see this game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well.

Cyberpunk 2077 – A 2016 release is likely!

When it comes to CD Projekt RED,…
Tim Schafer seems to be very active nowadays in the gaming scene. Double Fine was appearing on our screens several times this year - we reviewed those games too. However, they are already focusing on the future. They are now reworking a LucasArts game from 1995 called Full Throttle, whose Remastered, modernized version was announced during the PlayStation Experience.

Full Throttle Remastered – A full throttle towards the PS4 and the Vita!

Tim Schafer seems to be very active…
DiRT Rally - Don't worry, rally simulator fans: you will very likely get your annual dose in 2016. DiRT Rally is very promising even in its current state.

DiRT Rally – It’s done for PC, the console ports are announced!

Previously, we were talking about how DiRT…
It's about Max Payne: his third, most recent game was released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in May/June 2012. There's now a new ESRB rating for Max Payne for the PlayStation 4.

Max Payne will wreak havoc on PS4 too

Rockstar seems to focus a bit more…
Sony is going to install several Bravia X90C 4K Ultra HD sets into the lemurs and langurs' enclosures in the Port Lympne reservate in Kent, UK. The TV sets are going to show the natural habitats of the primates (Java and Madagascar), which will allow them to know their new homes early, helping their return to the wilderness in the process.

Sony Bravia for animals – Funny effects of the 4K screen

Sony isn’t just known for their PlayStation…
SEGA announced that the Yakuza 5 North American (and hopefully the European as well!) launch will happen in mid-November.

Double dose of Yakuza: 0 and 5 [VIDEO]

Yes, we’re going to talk about two…
Bandai Namco is returning to the Ace Combat franchise, which will receive a new installment soon.

Ace Combat 7 is announced, and with VR support to boot [VIDEO]

Bandai Namco is returning to the Ace…
Hitman Agent 47

Hitman reboot’s beta release date [VIDEO]

Hitman‘s reboot looks interesting. IO Interactive’s game…
When Square Enix announced a Final Fantasy VII remake at E3 2015, it was a great result for the company, who had to get back on its legs especially after the 2014 PlayStation Experience's failure of announcing a Final Fantasy VII port, which is barely more than a sloppy PS1 port to the PS4.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – It will be episodic!

When Square Enix announced a Final Fantasy…