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MOVIE NEWS - Daniel Craig has shared his thoughts on the future of James Bond after his exit from the role.

Daniel Craig Spoke About James Bond Casting Rumours! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Daniel Craig has shared…
Perhaps unsurprisingly, after the excellent PS4 and PS4 Pro versions, Death Stranding Director's Cut makes excellent use of the PS5's capabilities. Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima May Take An “Arthouse” Approach To Death Stranding Movie?!

MOVIE NEWS – Acclaimed video game creator…
(WARNING, loud video!) A God of War fan decided to take some inspiration from Kratos and spice up his gym routine by using classic quick-time events. New Game

It’s Official: New Game+ Mode For God Of War: Ragnarök Is Coming – They Even…

Sony Santa Monica has confirmed that the…
TECH NEWS - The Twitter scandal continues: a famous PS3 hacker hired by Musk as an intern can't take it anymore - but not just anyone has applied to be CEO!

Twitter News: Musk’s Fresh Interns Are On The Run – Could A Famous Youtuber Be…

TECH NEWS – The Twitter scandal continues:…
In addition to the 2022 Steam Awards vote, there will be plenty of promotions, discounts and a release timed to coincide with the Christmas season.

Holiday On Steam: The Winter Sales & The Steam Awards Voting Are Live! [VIDEO]

In addition to the 2022 Steam Awards…
Nintendo. The two controllers, Joy-Con that can be taken off from the Nintendo Switch is the reason why a law firm is looking into the situation - Nintendo might be taken to court over the drifting.

UK Consumer Watchdog Calls For Joy-Con Compensations

Which? says Nintendo should be obliged to…
Gran Turismo 7 gets five new cars and a new location for Scapes in this month's free 1.27 update.

Elden Ring And God of War: Ragnarok Are NOT 2022’s Bestsellers In Japan!

Yes: neither FromSoftware nor Sony Santa Monica…
The plaintiffs in the Activision Blizzard case now have the opportunity to file a complaint about the issues highlighted by the dismissal.

Gamers Are Suing Microsoft Over Their Activision Blizzard Acquisition!

The Redmond-based tech company has been hit…
Google Stadia - A lot of keyboards/mice/USB controllers will be supported by default, but, as we have seen previously, there will be a (wifi) Stadia controller, with which we can quickly share our recording, start a multiplayer match, or ask for help with the Google Assistant button.

Life After Google Stadia: Ubisoft’s Compensation Is Almost Laughable

The French publisher is not providing a…
Atari VCS - Initially, the new Atari console, the Atari VCS (previously known as Ataribox!), was announced to have a Bristol Ridge A10 CPU and a Radeon G7 GPU.

Is The Atari VCS Dead?

Atari’s situation is getting ridiculous, with the…

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