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It was easy to guess that Capcom was teasing a new instalment of Street Fighter on its countdown page, but the Japanese publisher also announced the Capcom Fighting Collection.

Is The Lazy Logo-Having Street Fighter 6 Running On The RE Engine?

Capcom may be using its proprietary technology…
Another Disney game by Square Enix (remember that they own Marvel), but this time, it's not going to be a live service title.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Underperformed, Says Square Enix

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Two zeros…
If you are lucky enough to attend, the demo will be available at booth 110, where you’ll be able to try all the game mechanics, and the combat engine on its latest iteration, as Felipe Muñoz Omen of Sorrow’s Combat Designer, explains: “A fighting game engine has very specific and strict needs, that need to be solved in order to deliver a top quality experience the community has come to expect. To have a constant 60fps framerate, deterministic physics, and consistent collisions have allowed us to develop a precise and fast-paced gameplay we strived for.”

Expanded Omen of Sorrow To Be Released For Two More Consoles [VIDEO]

AOne Games’ Omen of Sorrow game will…
Nintendo Switch - Interesting fact: while we saw Skyrim in the Switch trailer, Bethesda didn't confirm that the game is heading to the new platform. DeNA = mobile games.

The Nintendo Switch Is At Its Midpoint In Its Life Cycle, Nintendo Claims

According to the big N’s president, the…
According to Sakurai, update 13.0.1 introduced the latest tweaks we'll see for the game's characters

A Video Game Preservation Charity Criticizes Nintendo

The Video Game History Foundation (shortened to…
After a long period of silence, any changes from Retro Studios are worth paying attention to.

Metroid Prime 4 News On The Horizon? Retro Studios Posted New Image On Social Media

After a long period of silence, any…
Nintendo leak - Streaming is certainly interesting technology.

Nintendo’s Two Older Platforms’ eShop Is In Its Sunset Days!

The Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo…
The developers of Dying Light 2 give some details about the upcoming game

Techland Is Proud Of Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Decent sales, reasonable reviews: the Poles are…
The third act in the series, known as Earthbound in the West, Mother, came out in Japan in a completely incomprehensible way, even though there would have been demand for it in English in 2006 as well.

Mother 3’s Producer Asks Nintendo For An Official English Localisation

The third act in the series, known…

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