Diablo IV - A colossal cinematic and a gameplay trailer for Diablo 4 show in action this PC game, Xbox One and PS4.

More Information About Diablo IV; Both Good And Bad

During BlizzCon, we learned even more about…
Phoenix Point will launch in several editions and release windows, even if that sounds weird.

Phoenix Point: XCOM Creator’s Game Is Here Shortly

Phoenix Point will launch in several editions…
Blizzard is creating an animated series to get us well prepared from the world of WoW by the time World of Warcraft: Shadowlands comes.

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands: A New Expansion For The Old MMORPG [VIDEO]

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands will also crunch…
Terminator: Resistance - The video game of the Terminator and Terminator 2 movies for PC, PS4 and XOne: Terminator: Resistance features date, trailer and images.

Terminator: Resistance: Combat Trailer With Oddities [VIDEO]

Teyon’s game, Terminator: Resistance, shows some weird…
Overwatch 2 is a supercharged sequel that will send players deeper into the world and story of Overwatch and build upon the original game’s critically acclaimed foundation of world-class player-versus-player competition.

Overwatch 2: The Team-Based FPS Steps To The Next Level [VIDEO]

Overwatch 2 – Almost all major Blizzard…
Outlast 3 - Probably that’s the reason why Outlast is really nerve-racking: we cannot fight back, defend ourselves and destroy the ghosts like even in the most fearful of survivor horrors we could do so.

Is Red Barrels Teasing Outlast 3?

The developers started teasing their next game.…
Infinity Ward - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will launch on October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and if the rumours are true, the battle royale mode could follow in early 2020 as free-to-play mode - it might be a substantial move (financially) for Activision, although Black Ops IIII battle royale named Blackout still runs well.

The Devs Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Defend Its Controversial Elements

Taylor Kurosaki, the Call Of Duty: Modern…
Stormling Studios' game, Transient will combine the H. P. Lovecraft style with cyberpunk - Iceberg Interactive might publish an intriguing game shortly.

Transient: The First Gameplay Video [VIDEO]

Stormling Studios‘ game, Transient will combine the…
Diablo IV - A colossal cinematic and a gameplay trailer for Diablo 4 show in action this PC game, Xbox One and PS4.

Diablo IV announced! All the details and videos!

A colossal cinematic and a Diablo IV…
Marvel's Avengers - Avengers - The Square Enix video game also unveiled its release date.

Marvel’s Avengers: Character Progression And Co-Op [VIDEO]

Several new details were announced of Crystal…