Blair Witch game - During the Conference of Microsoft in 2019 E3 has been presented by surprise a new horror adventure inspired by the Blair Witch Projectmovie, and the best news is that the video game PC and Xbox One premieres, also in Xbox Game Pass , this month of August. What does Blair Witch?

Blair Witch – Flair Snitch

Flair Snitch
Obsidian - The Outer Worlds - However, they showed more than that in the presentation. They also gave us another glimpse at their „VATS” - the slow-down of time that you have seen before in Fallout 3/New Vegas/4 - it already looks promising in its work-in-progress format...

The Outer Worlds shows its RPG action in a fun trailer [VIDEO]

The new Obsidian game: The Outer Worlds premieres…
Star Citizen . Gary Oldman, William Anderson, Mark Hamill - the cast of Squadron 42 is becoming one of the biggest, isn't it?

Star Citizen delays Squadron 42 beta, its long-awaited story mode

The Cloud Imperium Games team continues to…
Epic Games Store - With Metro Exodus, the main issue is that three weeks before its launch day, Deep Silver decided to announce that „sorry guys, the game will be exclusive to Epic Games Store for a year!”

Epic Games Store’s Development Roadmap Modified [VIDEO]

From now on, they no longer display…
CD Projekt RED might have rushed Cyberpunk 2077's development so hard that they had to cut a lot of content from its first-person RPG, which might thus expand with them over time.

Deep Dive Video: Further New Details About Cyberpunk 2077 [VIDEO]

The fifteen-minute Deep Dive video of Cyberpunk…
NBA 2K20 - Take-Two (who owns 2K) tries to hide its mistake, but they are far too late for that concerning poor NBA 2K20.

2K Is Under Heavy Fire Because Of NBA 2K20! [VIDEO]

Take-Two (who owns 2K) tries to hide…
DiRT Rally - Don't worry, rally simulator fans: you will very likely get your annual dose in 2016. DiRT Rally is very promising even in its current state.

DiRT Rally Is Free For A Limited Time!

Codemasters‘ DiRT Rally game has set a…
Now on Thursday, The Coalition team will talk about the Gears 5 Xbox Series X performance as part of Inside Unreal Livestream.

How Did BioShock Infinite Inspire Gears 5?

Gears 5 doesn’t want to become another…
Telltale Games gives an update on the studio's near future

Telltale Games Comes Back to Life With Plans to Work on New Games

A new company has taken over the…