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We don’t want to play virtual Robin Hood, but the fact is that even the poor can now enjoy the good world of UPLAY PLUS a bit, thanks to a trick.

Several Issues Arise Regarding UPlay+

…or more like UPay+!? Money-related issues are…
The Initiative is working on something, and since there are some big names in the team, their game might be outstanding, too

The Initiative: The New, „Elite” Xbox Studio Is Already Playtesting Its Game

The Initiative is working on something, and…
The Witcher 3

Nobody Wanted To Deal With The Sex Scenes Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt‘s adult time spending was somewhat of…
Creating a demo of the game would take up a lot of resources right now, says CD Projekt RED, also noting that the game won’t join the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

CD Projekt RED Applies Self-Criticism Regarding Their Stories

One of the devs that have been…
Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Gears 5 (or those who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription) can play the game since September 6, but the rest will have to wait until Tuesday

Gears 5 Could Ban Ragequitters For A Long Time!

The Coalition‘s new game, Gears 5 wouldn’t…
Running With Scissors has surprisingly pulled a new Postal game out of their pockets!

Out Of Nowhere, Postal 4: No Regerts! [VIDEO]

Running With Scissors has surprisingly pulled a…
The first Dead Space was built on a franchise that we would have never thought that it could be related at all.

Dead Space’s Basics Are Nearly Unbelievable!

The first Dead Space was built on…
Nvidia plans to give multiple older games an update by adding the trendy (but not widespread) technology of real-time ray tracing into them.

Nvidia Kicks Off A Ray Tracing Remastering Program!

Nvidia plans to give multiple older games…
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a powerful experience reimagined from the ground-up.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward Denies Loot Boxes

The developers of this year’s Call of…
Blitzchung - Blizzard has applied the banhammer on an Hearthstone eSport player after saying something on a broadcast that referred to the Hong Kong protests that have been going for nearly half a year now.

The Blizzard Scandal Continues: The President Responds

J. Allen Brack wrote a statement about…