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Halo Infinite ran live at tonight’s Xbox show, and we were able to take a look at campaign mode and its vast landscapes, among other things.

Halo Infinite: New Engine, Never-Seen-Before Possibilities

343 Industries’ new engine, Slipspace, allows them…
System Shock remake demo - System Shock 3 - Warren Spector - 0451 - System Shock 2 - We don’t have a deal right now, but luckily OtherSide is flush enough that we’re funding ourselves and can continue to do that for quite a while.

Is System Shock 3 In Trouble?

OtherSide Entertainment has gone through some layoffs,…
SEGA's now-classic IP is attacking in an unusual format.

Space Channel 5 Is Coming Back [VIDEO]

SEGA’s now-classic IP: Space Channel 5 is…
Resident Evil 8 - A new game and a new series - one of Capcom's older IPs are about to do a double.

Resident Evil News: New Leaks About Resident Evil 8 And The Netflix Series?

Resident Evil 8 – A new game…
The presentation of Nioh is good, but at times it does feel like that this game is much better enjoyed on a PS4 Pro.

Nioh Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With A Solid Number

Team Ninja‘s Nioh action-RPG has sold millions…
Steam - In the midst of the war over the dominance of PC bazaars, there will be data that will help more than one developer to decide where to launch his videogame: Steam, since last April 28, has 1,000 million registered accounts.

The Chinese Developers Worry About The Local Version Of Steam

Valve has been planning for a while…
Grand Theft Auto V - Take-Two

Take-Two’s Cash-Cows Continue To Gather Profit

Take-Two – Red Dead Redemption 2 and…
Obsidian Entertainment's RPG: The Outer Worlds will not launch on the Nintendo Switch any time soon...

The Outer Worlds: Good Sales, But The Nintendo Switch Port Gets Delayed Again

Obsidian Entertainment’s RPG: The Outer Worlds will…
Activision Blizzard has also revealed its plans during their quarterly financial earnings report.

Activision Blizzard: Multiple Remasters Are In The Works

Activision Blizzard has also revealed its plans…
Ubisoft sexual harassment

Ubisoft: Three AAA Games This Year, But Nothing Until Autumn

The French Publisher: Ubisoft has released its…