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An Unbelievable Bug Surfaced In Anthem! [VIDEO]

BioWare‘s game is hard to defend by…
Mortal Kombat 11 - We'd also like to add that Cetrion doesn't seem to be a well-animated character at the moment, and since Mortal Kombat 11's launch is less than three weeks away, it's likely that there will be issues... so we could say that „Mother Nature” (are we the only ones who think that...?) will likely have a questionable quality in movements. (Also, she seems to have some resemblances to Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is all but confirmed to get a sequel...).

Mortal Kombat 11 Will Still Not Change Engines! [VIDEO]

It seems that NetherRealm doesn’t want to…
To this suggestive storyline will be added many other stories that will run in parallel, thus reinforcing the sensational global script that will be embodied in this attractive video game.

The release date for the PS4 game, Judgment in Europe and America!

The new video game of the authors…
Let's admit it: God of War, the PlayStation 4-exclusive that came out on April 20, 2018, would not have been the same without Kratos (and we're not saying it because how he keeps calling his son, Atreus, almost entirely throughout the game BOY).

God Of War Could Have Been Titled Something Else!

Cory Barlog and David Jaffe, two key…
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Anthem: Electronic Arts Knows About The PlayStation 4 Issues!

Anthem is at a point where Sony…
Luckily, there's a welcome addition to American Fugitive's gameplay: as you progress, you will gain experience points to upgrade your skills on a skill tree.

American Fugitive: A Retro GTA In A Modern Style? [VIDEO]

If you look at the first video,…
The first PlayStation also had a codename (which wasn't used officially at the end of the day, EXCEPT for another hardware...), but, thankfully, Sony had a second thought about the names.

The PlayStation 2 Is 19 Years Old!

The PlayStation 2 launched in Japan on…
Sony - PS Vita - No life... literally!

No More Signs of (PS) “Vita”

After the successful PlayStation Portable (behind the…
If they manage to be able to sell their „product”, it can be a potential danger for Sony.

Sony Demands A Lot Of Money From An Illegal Seller!

TorrentFreak reports that Sony demands 16800 dollars…
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Devil May Cry 5 Director Would Love To Work On A Dragon’s Dogma Sequel!

As Devil May Cry 5 is hitting…