Sony Unveils New PlayStation “Coaching” System To Help Gamers

TECH NEWS – The PlayStation-focused system will advise players through video footage and a few pictures.



If you’re having trouble with a game on your PlayStation, help is on the way. Within the US Patent and Trademark Office, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced a new “coaching” system that is described as helping gamers through the various stages of playing video games, either with tips or advice.

The system supports the player with videos and images

How will it work? According to Sony, the system will recognise when a player “falls below a certain skill level” at a stage of the game and will then provide tips on overcoming that stage.



thegeek playstation 5 coaching patent



The system will cover “in-game assistance methods” and will do so using video footage from the title in question, along with images that also provide insight into the problem the player is experiencing. “The system can be used to reduce frustration for players of different video game genres while learning a new title,” reads Sony’s description.

When will this system arrive, and on which PlayStation consoles? The submission quoted above explained how it works, so these details are not yet known. Sony registered the plan in June last year, but it was not made public until 30 December.

This is in line with the PlayStation statement we heard a few weeks ago, in which the studio mentioned that it was aiming for greater accessibility and wanted to future-proof the system for gamers of all abilities.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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