The Witcher Season 2 Has Once Again Boosted Geralt’s Player Base

It’s to be expected: with the second season of The Witcher hitting Netflix (and we won’t have to miss the third), the episodes based on the books have been generating a lot of buzz around the latest Geralt game.


Déjavu: two years ago, nearly 100,000 players at one point sat through the concluding segment of Geralt’s story, but the second part of the series (The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings) and the modernised edition of the first title (The Witcher: Enhanced Edition) also made it into the top 100 games played on Steam that year.

Fast-forward two years and the Polish studio can look forward to similarly positive numbers in the middle of the pestilence. True, you can’t say that more people are playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now than when it was released in 2015 (two years ago, it did: the audience broke the 92,000-record). There is no reason to be sad now, though: PCGamer reports that more than 71,000 players have started playing CD Projekt RED’s product, which was released almost seven years ago (and will soon be getting a next-gen version).

Either a lot of people have just started Geralt’s story (why not start with the first two parts?), or they’re continuing it now (they could take time to do so during the end-of-year break), or it’s the Netflix effect on Gabe Newell’s digital platform. However, could this popularity be applied in reverse if there is such interest? For example, Michelle Yeoh could star in a prequel. However, this is where the usually very complicated legal issues between Netflix, CD Projekt, and presumably the author of the books, Sapkowski, would come into play…

A third season of The Witcher is probably two years away. By then, the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 may be out, as will Cyberpunk 2077. (And the latter might be in good shape by then…)

Source: PCGamer

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