The Surge 2 keeps what fans and critics loved about the original – hardcore combat utilizing a unique, dynamic limb targeting system and deep character progression – while also expanding greatly upon the formula.

New Screenshots Of The Surge 2 Emerge

Deck13 Interactive wants to perform better than…
Horizon Zero Dawn, which will not have a multiplayer mode, will combine the future with the past, and it will be one of the main games for Sony's E3 conference.

An Actor Hinted At Horizon Zero Dawn 2’s Existence!

Janina Gavankar has talked about the unannounced…
It's up to Square Enix, as they own the Tomb Raider IP at the moment. Going by Dahan's comment (especially the „we're not able to say anything” line), there's a high chance that Lara is already going into the next-gen, which is perfectly understandable.

Tomb Raider Is Going To Continue!

Not only the games, but the films…
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order- I hope [the six writers] are listed in the reveal because I accidentally said 'I've wrapped this up,' but there are other writers and I'm not even the lead guy.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Will Have No Microtransactions!

Before Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Respawn‘s…
Outward - The story isn't the game's strong point either, as all you get to do after creating the character, who will be one-of-the-many, is to have 150 silver coins to be paid to your village as your ancestors had debts. You join your friend called Yzan, you get shipwrecked - and if you think co-op gameplay here, you are right -, and you'll have five days to pay it back.

Outward – Get Out!

Get Out
Let's hope that Death Stranding will launch this year on PlayStation 4.

Death Stranding Will Have Things We Have Never Seen Before!

Death Stranding is the most secretive game…
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Here, he revealed that the game will come with multiple endings, and they will be rooted in the story, unlike in their previous games.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Sells Surprisingly Well!

Activision and FromSoftware announced how many copies…
I'd have gladly swapped the format here, but since I do not have an interest in receiving yet another complaint novel, I'm not going to use a dialogue format in how Dangerous Driving isn't exactly something that the Burnout series was on the PlayStation 2 (fine, include Burnout Paradise, too...), as it has a few points that don't give it a high score at the end of the day.

Dangerous Driving – Not Burnout

Not Burnout
Paper Beast

Paper Beast: Not Just A Paper Dragon, From The Maker Of Another World! [VIDEO]

This game is being developed in Pixel…
Troy Baker - Borderlands 3

Will Troy Baker Be In Borderlands 3? What About Cross-Play?

There are some questions – as well…

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