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The developers of The Callisto Protocol want the game to be as realistic as possible, which means that they have also drawn inspiration from real life in the depiction of normality.

The Callisto Protocol: Key Developers Were Omitted From The Credits?!

The staff of The Callisto Protocol worked…
The new The Settlers game was due to hit the shops but has been postponed indefinitely without further details.

The Settlers: New Allies: What Are The System Requirements? [VIDEO]

Ubisoft Düsseldorf’s game will likely not stumble…
TECH NEWS - The PlayStation-focused system will advise players through video footage and a few pictures. PS5

Where Are The Dynamic Themes On PlayStation 5? [VIDEO]

Not every feature of the PlayStation 5…
In the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy video game, players can participate in Defense Against the Dark Arts classes with a newly revealed character.

Hogwarts Legacy: Another Classic Spell Is Featured In The Game! [VIDEO]

The latest Hogwarts Legacy footage confirms that…
Square Enix has released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming open-world RPG Forspoken, which focuses on the life of protagonist Frey.

Forspoken: The Latest Cinematic Trailer Has Raised The Bar Even Higher! [VIDEO]

Square Enix has released a cinematic trailer…
The Bloober Team, responsible for the excellent The Medium, is joining the wave of protests that is affecting more and more video game companies. The Medium.

Is Bloober Team Planning To Make Sequels To Their Classic Games?!

Bloober Team’s Kacper Michalski is considering the…
The company is promising big things coming to PlayStation 5 in 2023, including significant new games and tools. Sony

Sony Could Have Some Big PlayStation 5 Bundles Coming Next Month?!

According to a new retail listing, Sony…
In the video below, you can see what to expect in the first season of Deathverse: Let It Die.

Too Little Interest In Deathverse: Let It Die; Here Comes The Rework

Supertrick Games and GungHo Online Entertainment are…
exclusive Cyberpunk 2077 - Keanu Reeves, who you might remember from either The Matrix or the John Wick films, has had a stellar performance at E3 when it was confirmed that he'll be in Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt

Cyberpunk 2077: A Lawsuit Ended With A Ridiculously Low Penalty For CDPR!

CD Projekt RED essentially settled the case…
The developers of Dead By Daylight have decided to take an exemplary step: implement a FUNCTIONAL Cross-Play on every console!

Dead by Daylight: Is an Iconic Horror Character Leaving the Game?!

After six years, one of Dead by…

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