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Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Ubisoft announced during its E3 show that the new Ghost Recon game will be playable before its retail release.

Ubisoft Is Glad That Cyberpunk 2077 Launches In May

The leadership of Ubisoft publisher also talked…
Nintendo Switch software - Console - Loot Box - In fact, and although as always in these cases do not point to specific data, it is assured that Nintendo Switch is the best-selling video game console of the month of June, and not only said that but also speaks of a "continued decline" of the sales of PS4 and Xbox One.

Super Switch Performance In The US During June And Decline Of PS4 And XOne

The cost of video game consoles in…
A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home is a Romeo and Juliet-esque story, about a rat and a mouse.

A Rat’s Quest: The Way Back Home: Romeo And Juliet With Rodents [VIDEO]

HandyGames (publisher) and The Dreamerians (developer) already…
MXGP 2019 - „For the first time in the series, MXGP 2019 will allow players to step into a professional rider’s boots in the current MXGP season, to race in the Championship with all riders, bike and teams of the 2019 season. Players can compete in the MX2 category or directly in the MXGP top class, choosing if to join an official team or sign with a Sponsor in a custom team,” the press release says.

MXGP 2019: A Level Editor In Two Flavours [VIDEO]

We won’t skip a year with a…
But let's turn over to this massive list - look at the line-up. Don't forget that the PlayStation VR will be able to support 90 fps with an external box - now that is going to be something amazing!

PlayStation VR: New Details Leaked Of The Next Model?

While the PlayStation 5 is in development…
Just a couple of days ago we told you that PES 2020 has exclusive to Juventus FC.

3.28% of Stock Market Drop for EA Because of the Absence of Juventus in FIFA…

The exclusive agreement of Konami for PES…
„Control is Jesse Fadens’s story. The main plot focuses on her personal search for answers as she grows into the role of the Director.

Fifteen Minutes Of A Side Mission In Control [VIDEO]

In other words, fungus overload. IGN has published…
Gaming Addiction - The WHO (World Health Organization) will officially consider gaming disorder as a disease, but we'll call it gaming addiction.

Gaming Addiction: A German Research Group Came Up With A Treatment Proposal

They think that video game and Internet…
Gearbox - Cross-Play - In Borderlands 3, the Vault Hunters will have to stop the Calypso Twins, and we'll have four Vault Hunters to choose from, each with their unique skills and playstyle.

You Can Already Get Weapons For Borderlands 3 [VIDEO]

We have also learned what Randy Pitchford,…
DOOM: Eternal - The brutal DOOM Eternal has not missed the appointment with E3 2019, showing not only a fantastic narrative trailer but also an extensive video gameplay that lets us see how frantic, bloody and spectacular it promises to be the new Id Software shooting game .

DOOM Eternal: “total aggression” will be the keyword for everything

DOOM Eternal devs explains how we are…