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Destiny 2 - To these people, I would have to say no, the graphics are not the same compared to Destiny 1.

Sony Doesn’t Allow Cross-Platform In Destiny 2!

There are things that don’t seem to…
To us, it sounds like Bruner might have required a bit too much from the team - such a leadership quickly gets hated by the employees, especially if they get close to no (or absolutely no) benefits out of it... and 57 episodes between 2013 and 2017 based on five licenses sounds like hell.

„It Was Necessary To Do Crunch To Survive!”

This quote was said by a team’s…
After several pitches later to the highest level of WB’s production, finance and sales teams, the team received a call saying, “Your project is heading toward a green light.

The First Three Mortal Kombat Games Could Have Been Remastered!

Blind Squirrel Games, the devs behind the…
God Of War's Theme - First off, here's a PlayStation Blog post, written by Shannon Studstill, the head of SIE Santa Monica: „Change to a longstanding franchise comes with immeasurable doubt, a studio-defining risk, and a huge leap of faith. Thank you to our entire worldwide team; the Sony PlayStation family and you, the millions of God of War fans around the world who embraced that leap with us, on a journey we never expected. We made this journey together.

God Of War Celebrates Its Birthday! [VIDEO]

It’s been almost a year since Sony…
I recently reported and will continue to report to Youtube all the videos containing my song Orange if it is stated that it is a traditional Croatian song or is listed under the name Widow-Maker and incorrectly signed by the names Mikolai Stroinski, Marcin Przybyłowicz since this leads to gross distortion exclusively of my copyright.

Elvis Accuses CD Projekt RED With Plagiarism! [VIDEO]

The Polish dev team could get into…
However, we would rather not go into the robot dinosaurs, as the developers might have fully hidden them from us.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Aloy’s Spear Is From A Surprising Place!

Guerrilla Games, a Dutch dev team, effectively…
After being released in the last hours the trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX, now it's the turn of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the longed-for action videogame developed by Respawn Entertainment that has been seen in a promising trailer, besides specifying its first details.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: All the Details and First Trailer of [VIDEO]

Blessing of the Force! At last, we…
The Surge 2 keeps what fans and critics loved about the original – hardcore combat utilizing a unique, dynamic limb targeting system and deep character progression – while also expanding greatly upon the formula.

New Screenshots Of The Surge 2 Emerge

Deck13 Interactive wants to perform better than…
Horizon Zero Dawn, which will not have a multiplayer mode, will combine the future with the past, and it will be one of the main games for Sony's E3 conference.

An Actor Hinted At Horizon Zero Dawn 2’s Existence!

Janina Gavankar has talked about the unannounced…
It's up to Square Enix, as they own the Tomb Raider IP at the moment. Going by Dahan's comment (especially the „we're not able to say anything” line), there's a high chance that Lara is already going into the next-gen, which is perfectly understandable.

Tomb Raider Is Going To Continue!

Not only the games, but the films…

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