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Batman Arkham Knight - Meanwhile, let's not forget that Warner Bros. Montreal's multiplayer-focused game could be revealed on June 4!

Did Batman: Arkham Knight’s Sequel Get Cancelled?

Another leak, this time about the sequel…
Rainbow Six: Siege - The story seemed controversial, but that just gave me all the more hope about the game itself.

Does Rainbow Six: Siege Have Next-Gen Plans?

While a new Rainbow Six game is…
DayZ - Already available on PC and Xbox One, the popular DayZ has already release date in PS4, and the good news is that it will not take much to enjoy this challenging action/survival game.

„Australia Is A Laughing Stock Because Of DayZ’s Ban!” [VIDEO]

An Australian politician did not hold back…

Another Big Name Departs BioWare!

In one week, two more people left…

Video games with a political message? Ubisoft feels that it can still do more

The authors of Assassin’s Creed and Far…
Gearbox - Cross-Play - In Borderlands 3, the Vault Hunters will have to stop the Calypso Twins, and we'll have four Vault Hunters to choose from, each with their unique skills and playstyle.

The YouTuber’s Account Who Leaked (?) Borderlands 3 Got Deleted

After private investigators knocked on his door,…
I can't believe it's been 20 years since we released Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver," wrote veteran Amy Henning, director and screenwriter of this classic, and also one of the main leaders of the successful Uncharted series

The classic Soul Reaver turns 20 – a legendary video game!

Amy Henning, author of Uncharted, does not…
CI Games can continue sniping shortly with Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Receives Release Date [VIDEO]

CI Games can continue sniping shortly with…
MOVIE NEWS - The Chernobyl director, however, jokes about moving to a bunker when the HBO adaptation premieres.

Is Joel a hero? The voice actor, Troy Baker talks about the protagonist of The…

Troy Baker establishes the comparison with David,…
The first King's Bounty came out in 1990 - the turn-based strategy continues despite the decades that have passed.

King’s Bounty Returns After Three Decades! [VIDEO]

The first King’s Bounty came out in…

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