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So THQ Nordic got its plans spoiled. But what on Earth will Darksiders: Genesis be?

THQ Nordic Expands Even Further: They Acquired Another Studio!

In 2018, two companies have performed a…
PlayStation 5 - So we should wait at least half a year until the PlayStation 5 is even getting announced... if not more.

Sony News: Is The Company Gaining Strength On All Fronts?

PlayStation Productions, studio acquisitions, and even the…
Two franchises are almost all taking the top ten...

New Sales Data From Capcom: The RE Engine Is Indeed Successful!

RE Engine (which is going to be…
PlayStation Productions' headquarters are in Culver City, California (Sony's headquarters are basically in California as well by this point), and it's headed by Azad Qizilbash, and it's supervised by Shawn Layden, the chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

PlayStation Takes A Cinematic turn: Introducing PlayStation Productions!

PlayStation Productions‘ goal is to make cinematic…
PlayStation 5 - So, Sony already has a vision on how to approach the next console generation, which could easily become the last traditional console generation, seeing how the streaming platforms (such as the PlayStation Now or the Google Stadia) are spreading. The „PlayStation 5” will NOT launch by April 2020. meaning we have to wait a while until we can get a hold of Sony's newest machine.

The PlayStation 5’s Loading Times Are Shown On Video! [VIDEO]

It’s not a fake video either! Takashi…
In the unannounced, unnamed title, claims Robertson, your main character would be invading various kingdoms throughout the open world, and killing the leaders within, subsequently gaining the unique powers of each in the process.

Is FromSoftware Working On A Game Of Thrones Game?

George R.R. Martin, who was essential in…
PlayStation - Grand Theft Auto V - This open-world adventure of the continues to serve as an object of study to Navarro, who in a later paragraph also accuse the sector of promoting classism, machismo and racism.

Grand Theft Auto V is simply gorgeous using Raytracing [VIDEO]

This mod also for Grand Theft Auto…
Cyberpunk 2077 Rating - They confirmed that they have money (debunking rumours about them having financial issues), but they admitted they had challenging times changing technology from The Witcher 3 to Cyberpunk 2077: „It’s always the same story across the entire industry. If you’re changing the technology and at the same time you’re producing the game, it’s a nightmare for most of the companies.”

CD Projekt RED Is Not In Financial Troubles; They Aim To Be More Humane With…

Marcin Iwiński (the CEO of the company)…
Final Fantasy VII Remake Copies - All eyes were on the nearby E3 2019; all the fans of the Final Fantasy series were waiting to see the much-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake, but Square Enix has advanced by surprise a new and sensational trailer for this highly anticipated action and RPG adventure.

A Ton Of New Information Of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Is A Demo Coming Soon?!

On Reddit, a huge post surfaced regarding…
This year’s PlayStation Experience was a mixed bag, with games being announced left and right, but all of those games lacked any impact (Well most of them).

PlayStation Was Left Out Of The Sony-Microsoft Negotiations!

There seem to be a lack of…

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