Is A New PlayStation Move Coming For VR Usage?

The next PlayStation, which is unofficially dubbed…
DiRT Titles - The career mode has problems.

DiRT Rally 2.0 Gets A Developer Diary [VIDEO]

Codemasters has set solid foundations with the…

Lenovo’s VR Headset Will Be Based On The PlayStation VR Design! A PSVR Copycat Is…

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lenovo have struck…

„Virtual Reality Hardware Isn’t Strong Enough To Become Mainstream!”

Palmer Luckey, Oculus‘ founder, believes the technology…
Bandai Namco is returning to the Ace Combat franchise, which will receive a new installment soon.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown: Two Missions In The Skies [VIDEO]

Bandai Namco published two complete missions on…

John Carmack’s Legal Dispute With Zenimax Is Over!

The „father of FPS games” himself claims…
DiRT Titles - The career mode has problems.

DiRT Rally 2.0 Will Have No VR Support At Launch!

Codemasters will not have VR support for…

Ninja Theory Is Working On A Star Wars VR Project! [VIDEO]

The three-episode series dubbed Vader Immortal is…
Due to the franchise's history, we aren't surprised to see that KH III sold far better on the PlayStation 4 (82%) than the Xbox One (18%). Resident Evil 2 Remake, as in Japan, has slipped to second place.

Kingdom Hearts III Gets A New Trailer; Looks Far Better Than Before! [VIDEO]

Kingdom Hearts will also show up on…

Ex-EA Boss Says It’s Still Early For Customers To Adapt Virtual Reality!

John Riccitiello, who formerly worked at Electronic…

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