Images Of Valve’s Own VR Headset Leaked!

We can soon experience Half-Life in VR, via Gabe Newell‘s unique device.

UploadVR claims on its anonymous sources that Valve is making a 135° VR-headset, and along with that, they are also making „knuckle” controllers, as well as Half-Life’s VR version. The resolution is likely going to be on „Vive Pro” levels (it is HTC Vive’s higher-end model – this headset had Valve’s involvement before), and regarding the game, the site says that it could be a prequel, which means we’re still not going to get Half-Life 3…

Going by the images, we see SteamVR photodiodes for better tracking (and, like with Oculus Rift, where the infrared LEDs are hidden, they are also under the plastic here), plus two cameras and built-in headphones. However, the eye tracking seems unlikely, unless Valve makes their unique solution for it.

Valve’s VR set (whose photos are taken in July, so the retail version might be vastly different from the prototype) might be competing against Oculus Rift S if it launches in 2019, and even Valve News Network has picked up the topic on Twitter – UploadVR says they „don’t report on these sorts of things lightly,” which means it’s not fake news.

So, Valve tries to work on more hardware after Steam Link and Steam Controller. We can’t wait to see how well it will perform…

Source: UploadVR

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