SimCity’s NES Prototype Has Been Saved! [VIDEO]

It’s hard to believe the story of Will Wright (the genius behind Maxis and SimCity) and Shigeru Miyamoto (one of the pillars of Nintendo’s success) coming together to create the port (or… to be exact, ports) of SimCity!

The Video Game History Foundation has released a detailed blog post about the unreleased NES port of SimCity. (The SNES version was officially released, but that’s not the subject.) It’s incredible how the NES port, which was the base of the SNES version, has changed the original PC simulation sandbox into a beginner-friendly game with a start and an end point while keeping the charm of the original!

The Foundation managed to acquire the prototype, which isn’t a completed game (it has its flaws – for example, it has a glitch where you can get a ton of money), but they managed to patch up the ROM a little bit, which can be downloaded legally! Click here to get the game with the soundtrack, a guide, and a few other goodies.

The NES version of SimCity never ended up getting released (which is why Nintendo hasn’t threatened the Foundation with a lawsuit yet), but it’s nice to see a lost piece of the big N’s history, featuring the collaboration of two geniuses in the gaming industry.

Source: DualShockers

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