VR - Microsoft - Next-Gen Xbox - PlatinumGames - Will The Next Xbox Have An Internal Physics Engine? [VIDEO]

Is Microsoft Entering VR In A Revolutionary Way?

Sony has been trying virtual reality on…
Infinity Ward - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will launch on October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and if the rumours are true, the battle royale mode could follow in early 2020 as free-to-play mode - it might be a substantial move (financially) for Activision, although Black Ops IIII battle royale named Blackout still runs well.

Is Next Year’s Call Of Duty’s Development Problematic? [VIDEO]

We have heard a few things about…
Marvel's Avengers is out on May 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

Marvel’s Avengers: The Goal Is Not Be Bored In The Game [VIDEO]

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal has a…
Star Wars game - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will feature an authentic story set shortly after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, when the Jedi have fallen.

Here’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Collector’s Edition

There is no Star Wars Jedi: Fallen…
Fortnite Chapter 2 - Fortnite - There were people who didn't want to work during weekends, and when they missed a deadline, they got fired. Contractors knew that refusing work will lead to not extending their contract when their term ends.

Fortnite Is Facing A Class-Action Lawsuit

A law firm in Québec, Canada, has…
Allegedly, Rockstar was working on the sequel to Bully, but it didn't come to fruition for multiple reasons.

Bully 2 Existed, But It „Didn’t Get Off The Ground”

Allegedly, Rockstar was working on the sequel…
Resident Evil - Capcom has already published a teaser video for the next Resident Evil. Project Resistance is the game that we discussed a few times before - Capcom was testing this title with a few players in Japan and the United States.

Even Project Resistance Hints At Resident Evil 3 Remake [VIDEO]

The Resident Evil spin-off is also under…
Electronic Arts - If you expect FIFA Street to return... well, you might not be disappointed that much.

Electronic Arts Leaked Hundreds Of FIFA Players’ Information!

Electronic Arts‘ fiasco is nearly as pathetic…
While Batman: Arkham Asylum was a linear level-based game, the sequel decided to go full blown open world game where besides the main story we had a lot of side missions to complete.

Batman’s Voice Actor Will Be A Different Person In The Next Game

Kevin Conroy has confirmed that the next…
VR - Microsoft - Next-Gen Xbox - PlatinumGames - Will The Next Xbox Have An Internal Physics Engine? [VIDEO]

The Next-Gen Xbox Will Not Have A 4K Camera

Don’t worry, it looks like the next-gen…