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TECH NEWS - Ampere Analysis has predicted the pace of console sales in a market characterised by manufacturing problems, yet the PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series machines seem to be selling well.

DFC: Xbox Market Share Could Increase By 2026

According to DFC Intelligence, a video game…
The lack of semiconductors means that there might still be a lack of stocks in the stores for the coming months, too.

According To Analysts PS5 Stock Problems Could Be Worsening

TECH NEWS – DFC Intelligence has come…
In recent days there has been a talk that the Hogwarts Legacy could go to 2023

Hogwarts Legacy: Creators Share A Hilarious Bug They Found In Their Game [VIDEO]

Many fans of the Harry Potter universe…
Miyazaki, known for Dark Souls and Bloodborne, has emphasised the open-world approach of Elden Ring

Elden Ring Player Finishes Bosses Easily On Level 713 [VIDEO]

Elden Ring and FromSoftware are famous for…
Call Of Duty Warzone next-gen

Call Of Duty To Bridge The Gap Between New Titles With A Cheap Solution

Rumours are that Call of Duty may…
KeokeN Interactive have already taken us to the Moon with their prequel Deliver Us The Moon, and now it's time to go to Mars!

Deliver Us Mars Space Adventure Game Unveils First Trailer Starring The Red Planet Itself [VIDEO]

KeokeN Interactive have already taken us to…
Although we'll have pre-developed vampire characters in Swansong, the creators allow us to explore different play styles.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Showcases RPG Elements In A New Trailer [VIDEO]

Although we’ll have pre-developed vampire characters in…
One of the major UK retailers might have spilt the beans...

Humanoid Studios: The Mass Effect Trilogy Director Is Making An AAA Sci-Fi Game!

Casey Hudson’s new studio is developing a…
FromSoftware's highly anticipated game Elden Ring is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC on 25 February.

Elden Ring’s Statue Inspired By Spanish City Valladolid

Besides the obvious European architectural inspirations in…

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