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Ubisoft is preparing for the release of Watch Dogs Legion, which has now received an inviting trailer. The game is coming in October.

Watch Dogs: Legion To Be An Xbox Series Launch Title

There is no longer a need to…
Crytek will do something exciting shortly, and if the result is great, it might be a pleasant surprise at the end of the console generation.

Crysis Remastered: Console Ray Tracing On Video! [VIDEO]

We can now take a look at…
After several delays, the Ubisoft pirate ship game Skull & Bones would finally arrive in 2021 after a reboot. Maybe.

Skull & Bones will be a much ambitious game than before, but the Ubisoft Forward…

When we informed you this week that…
We already hinted that Ubisoft's show might get leaked ahead of time... et voilá.

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Remake: PlayStation 4 Yes, Nintendo Switch No?

We can expect the Persian prince to…
CI Games is either working on the 2014 game's sequel or not.

Hexworks: A New Team Is Working On Lords Of The Fallen 2

CI Games is either working on the…
EA Play joins the Xbox Game Pass, making the service almost irresistible considering the soon available Project xCloud!

Xbox Game Pass And EA Play Merge On Console And PC! [VIDEO]

EA Play joins the Xbox Game Pass,…
Microsoft has unveiled its full next-generation machine lineup, the price of the Xbox Series X is now known, pre-ordering will start soon!

Here’s The Price Of The Xbox Series X, Straight From Microsoft!

Microsoft has unveiled its full next-generation machine…
If Square Enix doesn't want to expand on the Nintendo Switch, then we'll get something else instead.

Another Kingdom Hearts Game For The Series’ 20th Anniversary?

If Square Enix doesn’t want to expand…
The head of the game’s development team said that the Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox One will be at least as impressive as it is on PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Expect A High Quality On Xbox One As Well

The head of the game’s development team…
Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner – MARS: The Second Demo Is Available [VIDEO]

What Is Konami Preparing To Do With Zone Of The Enders?

Trademark registrations happened in both Japan and…

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